• When: 07/16/15
  • QIC: Hot Tub
  • The PAX: Reefer, Stand Up, Solo, Cheesesteak, Slowpitch, Ditto, Wiretap, SpeedBump, Tweetsie, Hot Tub, FNG (yet to be named, who couldn't stay for COT)

Better Late Than Never

10 men showed up ready to get the party started this morning. The problem at hand was that there should have been 11 at this point. YHC, QIC for the morning, was nowhere to be found. Reefer, being the necessary body to step in and lead when times need it, decided to get the PAX started with the mindset that this would have to be an “off the cuff” improv morning, with the designated Q laid up in the fartsack. Little did the PAX know, YHC was on the way, sure to break some NASCAR/F3 record for time between head on pillow to fleeing from the car to lead a group of unsuspecting men. Ready to reap vengeance on the fartsack that almost stole my morning right out from under me.


The Thang

COP of some exercises that YHC wasn’t present for….(Rolled in hot during “Through the Tunnel” and immediately said to self…”enough of this crap, time to get to work”)

Apologies for tardiness and away we go

Ab series

Spider knees x 30

Side plank w/ reach x 30

Ab tuck x 30

(all exercises OYO w/ no rest)

Rinse and repeat x 20, then x 10 (no rest between sets) ***crowd pleaser***

Plank until all finish

Sprint to park sign

Burpee x 10, merkin x 25

Plank for all to finish

Sprint to big tree by school

Burpee x 10, merkin x 25

Plank for all to finish

Gather at picnic tables

Table series

Box jumps (ground to seat) x 10

Box jumps (from seat to table top) x 5

Carolina dry dock (feet on table top, hands on seat) x 10

Decline merkin x 10

Plank for all to finish

Burpee x 10, then rinse and repeat (no rest)

Plank for all to finish

Carolina dry dock x 15, V-up x 15

Sprint to driveway outside of fence

Carolina dry dock x 15, V-up x 15

Sprint to tennis courts

Carolina dry x 15, V-up x 15

Line up on sideline of court

Crab walk x 2 courts

Low country crab x 10 (ea leg)

Plank for all to finish

Broad jump burpee x 2 courts

LBC x 20

Plank for all to finish

Rinse and Repeat (without plank to wait for return trip)

Plank for all to finish

Plank series x 2 min





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