• When: 07/24/15
  • QIC: Paperboy
  • The PAX: Subprime, Insanity, Gino, Adrian, Spot, Kenny G, Beads, Robber, Lederhosen, Kim Jung, Package, Beewax (from Summerville), Boris ;), Huffystuffs, Heist, Betamax, Coooooooostanza, Purple Rain, Fannypack, Paperboy.

All I remember is the poop

20 PAX showed up for another rendition of Paperboy’s greatest hits and were left sweaty and sore, but #better.  YHC put the word out on the twitter that tank tops were encouraged in an effort to up our #tanktopthursday numbers, and there would be consequences for those non-believers.  With only half the group showing support, YHC knew it would be a long day.

Conditions: 80 degrees when I tell that trick please

The Thang:

YHC was looking for a fast start to get the PAX going, so I took off down King street next to Emily Douglas.  Since we had 10 non-tankers, we started off with a Burpee/Merkin pyramid up to 10:

1 burpee, 1 merkin

1 burpee, 2 merkin

1 burpee, 3 merkin

…and so on up to 10 merkins and then back to 1.

Robber looked a little thrown off by the lack of SSH’s or little arm circles, but he fell in line after considerable #grumbling.  We were nearly taken out by a VW station wagon in the middle of the pyramid, but it was just Kim Jung coming in a little late.  We added some SSH’s as we waited for KJ to join us, then we took off to the grassy hill on Blossom street.

YHC then ordered the PAX to crab walk up the hill (forward for some, backwards for others), then 10 Big Boi Sit Ups at the top, then mosey to the bottom (rinse and repeat 4 more times).  During our first trip up, we quickly realized that a dog had already claimed this hill for himself.  The pungent smell of this wayward Brindle’s stool washed over the PAX like a tidal wave of methane.  In the end I believe it encouraged the PAX to push harder, because it was utterly brutal.

We then moseyed down Blossom to Queen street, where we were greeted by another hill.  YHC laid out the next round of punishment:

20 Squat Humpers at the bottom (squat then a monkey humper at the bottom of your squat, this did not turn out like I planned)

Backwards sprint halfway up the hill

20 jump lunges (10 each leg) at the middle

Sprint forwards to the stop sign

20 LBC’s at the top

Run back to the bottom, SSH while waiting on the 6.

At this point we noticed 5.0 was scoping us out as his car did a couple pass-by’s while we were dominating Queen street hill.  He may have been thrown off by the smell of the dog poo, or it may have been 20 dudes doing monkey humpers.  Who knows?

For the next round YHC changed it to 20 monkey humpers at the bottom, while continuing the backwards sprint, 20 jump lunges, forward sprint, then 20 LBC’s at the top.  SSH at the bottom.  Little known fact: Robber is a beast on backwards sprints.  He nearly took out half the group going up the hill.

For the final round of Queen hill, YHC decided to lay it all out on the PAX.  I called out broad jump burpees up the hill, and nearly got thrown in the dog mess.  However, the men of #Thunder don’t shy away from a challenge and set out up the hill.  YHC had to call time during the exercise, but t-claps to Subby and Coooooooostanza, who nearly made it up the entire hill.

A short jog took us into Emily Douglas for an obligatory visit to our favorite lady.  YHC led the group in a couple all-out sprints across/back the field, so that Emily’s humidity could wash over us like Chanel #5.  We only visited her for a couple minutes, but she made it feel like an hour.

We then moseyed up to the flag for some actual cadenced exercises:
15 Arm circles forward, 15 backward, 15 air press, 15 overhead claps.

For a final treat, YHC busted out the boom box for a special version of Mary.  The tune of the day was ‘Wind Cries Mary’, and the song went like this:

Hello Dolly’s until the first chorus of Mary,

6 inches until the next,


6 inches

Finally about 30 seconds of 90 degrees after the last chorus.

YHC was pleased with the effort put forth by the PAX.  Of course it was hot, of course it was humid, and broad jump burpees up a hill is probably not a good idea; but these #Thunder men are made of stronger stuff.

COT by Paperboy

Trust in yourself, believe in your abilities and you will succeed more often than not.

Devo by Package


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