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A Double Down of a Convergence!

Whoa! F3 Greenwood took off quickly and the growth has been amazing! With two AOs already operating and a third on its way very soon, we felt the need to have a convergence so everyone can see each other in the gloom again!

But we don’t do anything ho-hum in the Wood! (For reference, see the number of times we’ve had a visit from Cagney and Lacy and some of their friends!)

So we are having a convergence on October 3 and coupling it with the Race the Helix 5K to benefit the Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation! We will hold the convergence right on the GGC campus beginning at 0615 then you can run the race right afterward! This will be great training for the Mud Run if you are participating!

Running the race is not a requirement. If you don’t want to run, you can volunteer. Or you can head on to the house. But volunteering can be just as important as a monetary donation. The race needs volunteers so if you don’t want to race step up and volunteer!

Since it will be a celebration of sorts, we will commemorate F3 Greenwood’s first beat down with a trio of bad actors. They may not be good actors, but they all know how to bring the pain!

We would also like everyone to consider making a donation to the GGC Foundation. We will present one check from F3 Greenwood and we want this entire community to know that we are more than men of talk – we are men of action!

If you have any questions, talk to Flossy, Meatloaf or Juggernaut – they have all the deets on what should be an EPIC Saturday morning in the Wood!

See you in the gloom!


Register for Race the Helix HERE!

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