• When: 07/18/15
  • QIC: SisterWife
  • The PAX: Wingback, Hustler, Huffy, Shiv, Strom, Geno, Beads, Purple Rain, Happy Trees, Kim Jong, Paperboy, Constanza, Drive By, SW

A Backward #Dawnstrike

This morning started like most morning, then #dawnstrike.

Conditions:  Humid, 79 degrees

The Thang:

Double applesauce indian run to Devereaux and Adger

SSH – 20 4ct. IC

Grab some curb for Tabata (Chibata) mountain climbers – 20 secs AMRAP, 10 secs rest in plank, x6

Mosey to corner of Princeton and Devereaux

Lunge walk – 25 yrds

Sprint to wall and over


  • LBCs – 25 4ct. IC
  • Protractor – various for 2 mins
  • CLBCs – 25 4ct. IC
  • Standing Freddie Murcuries (Imperial Walkers) – 25 4ct. IC
  • Flutter kicks – 25 4ct. IC

Grab 1 brick from brick pile and back over the wall, plank for 6

Mosey to Berkeley Hill and pair up

  • Pax 1 (no brick) – down Berkeley Hill and 5 burpees, (here’s the backward part) sprint backwards up Berkeley Hill
  • Pax 2 (with both bricks) – at top of hill, AMRAP OH presses
  • Flap jack
  • x5 (#crowdpleaser)

Mosey to corner of Adger and Devereaux for giant arm circles – 10 4ct. IC forward and reverse

Mosey back over the wall and put away bricks

Mosey over to courtyard and plank on benches for the 6

  • Wall sit – 60 secs
  • Flutter kicks – 15 4ct. IC
  • Wall sit arms OH – 60 secs
  • Flutter kicks – 15 4ct. IC
  • Wall sit arms out – 60 secs
  • Flutter kicks – 25 4ct. IC

Mosey to Hollywood Squares (workout w/tomato already there)

  • Plank series
  • Step ups – 10 ea. leg
  • Dips – 10 4ct. IC
  • In and outs – 15 4ct. IC





  • YHC anticipated the pax would take 7 mines longer to knock out those Berkeley Hill repeats. Stronger work and way to push. Those backward sprints up Berkeley were awful. Somebody remind YHC never to call those again. T-Claps to Hustler and Wingback for lapping the field and going 6 rounds.
  • With #F3BRR training in full swing on Saturday mornings, YHC was glad to be back out with the boys of #dawnstrike. Great group of men and always a tough workout with lots of quality #mumblechatter.


  • Reminder to the Pax that #Amble is now from a static AO location – 0530 from DHS back parking lot. #nomoreroaming
  • 8/1 – Hot summer nights 5K w/party to follow at Promo’s

That is all.

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