• When: 2021-05-06
  • QIC: Coon Dog
  • The PAX: Cheers, LEGO, Cowbell, Garth (R), Ken Doll, Soaker, Knozit (R), Dunphy (R), Coon Dog

Rolling through the Tour de Shank

Weather Conditions: 61°

9 pax posted this morning hoping to offer YHC the same thoughtful constructive commentary that is shared with them at their own Qs.  Though it is difficult to critique a workout as well planned and thought-out as the one they experienced this morning, the pax did give a solid effort toward making their thoughts known.  The original plan had been to bust out the shiny new tires that the Shank just acquired, but the generally quasi-dry fields were still pretty saturated from the storms this week, and they most likely would have left a mess.  After this unfortunate turn of events, YHC decided to take the pax on a Tour de Shank in honor of the upcoming 7 year Shawshank anniversary.  As for the workout, here is how it went:

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey around the parking lot and circle up near the entrance to Warden’s Way

SSH x25 IC
Imperial Walkers x20 IC
TTT x 15 IC
Windmill x10 IC

Tour de Shank

Mosey around Shawshank and stop at various Points of Interest.  Start with one dice roll at the first stop and add x1 dice roll at each ensuing stop along the way.

Dice Roll Exercises
1 – x20 Merkins
2 – x20 Squats
3 – x20 BBSUs
4 – x20 Plank Jump-Ins
5 – x10 Burpees
6 – Dealers Choice

Points of Interest
First Turn on Warden’s Way
Far Bathrooms
Playground Picnic Shelters
Far Parking Lot Bathrooms
BONUS: Sheds near the Water Tower – x1 Dice Roll (New location for tires & bricks)
End of the Long Bridge
Concession Stand

Mosey back to the Shelter for Mary



05/08:   Cowbell is hosting a get together at his house @ 4pm
05/09:   Mother’s Day
05/13:   Shawshank 7 year anniversary
Thirsty Thursdays TBD (possibly partner with the Hollow on 3rd Thursdays)

Prayer Requests & Praises
No Show
Slim Jim
LEGO’s dad
Deebo’s daughter
Blindside’s daughter


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