• When: 2021-07-20
  • QIC: Bindi
  • The PAX: Wally, Stretch, Focher, Ratatouille, Cable Guy, Bindi

More Blocks, Abs, and Suicides

Conditions: 70’s and light rain

The warmup:


15 Imperial walkers IC

Little baby arm circles 10 Front IC

Little baby arm circles 10 back IC

Through the tunnel 15 IC

run to end of parking lot and back

The thang:

With blocks

25 overhead presses oyo

25 Curls for the girls oyo

25 weighted squats oyo

25 kettle bells oyo

Next was abs

25 lbc’s oyo

25 iron crosses oyo

25 american hammers oyo

Suicide to end of parking lot 

Ran this same circuit 3 times reducing reps down to 15 for each exercise

Wall sit 1 minute

Hustler Merkins to finish, up to 10 merkins and 40 Slumdogs

Count o rama, Name o rama, 





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