• When: 2021-07-24
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Cowbell, Mulligan, Slumlord (R), Muggy Tape, Argyle, Monster Jam, Lil Nugs (FNG), Kenwood (R).

BrOlympics at the Saturdayvergence

This past Sunday was YHC’s 6 year F3 anniversary.  Typically I plan a little something different for my anniversaries.  With the Olympics getting started, why not make it a BrOlympic workout?  An event scoreboard was developed.  Everyone signed in (which randomly put them on teams as well), and we got started.

Weather: muggy.

1 minute warning, intro, disclaimer, reveal of F3 BrOlympics…

Mosey to the track, getting some butt kick in along the way.  All the toys were set up early (sorry Monster Jam and Lil Nugs since they had to get up extra early).

There were 10 events.  We alternated between individual events and team events.  Individual events gave you 4 points for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd, and 1 for participating.  Team events gave 3 points to the winner, and 1 point to the non-winner.  We have no losers!  The events are below.  Ten of them – so kinda like a decathlon…

Individual – Prisoner Squat 400 m – 20 prisoner squats, prisoner run 100 m, 15 prisoner squats, prisoner run 100 m, 10 prisoner squats, prisoner run 100 m, 5 prisoner squats, prisoner run 100 m

Team – Handstand Walk – the ideal was to have the everyone on the team handstand walk as far as they could, and keep an accumulative distance.  Furthest wins.  It was ugly – let’s just leave it at that.

Individual – BearCrawlBear – bearcrawl out 50 m, crawlbear back.  We opted for the track since the field was soaked.

Team – Hula Hoop – the idea was to have everyone on the team do the hula hoop as long as they could, and keep an accumulative time for 3 rounds.  Most time wins.  Again it was ugly.  Argyle and Cowbell seem to have a lot of practice doing the hula hoop around their neck.  Just sayin’.

Individual – Spear Throwdown – 6 tosses of the spear into the hula hoop target.  2 close, 2 further, 2 far.  Making a close spear throw got you 1 point each and everyone else 1 burpee each.  Making a further spear throw got you 2 points each and everyone else 2 jump squats each.  Making a far spear throw got you 3 points each and everyone else 3 merkins each.

Team – Farmer’s 400 m – each team farmer’s carried 2 buckets of water around the track.  Handoff between teammates as desired.  We found Cowbell’s knack.

Individual – 2 minutes of HRR Merkins – pretty straight forward.  Most wins.

Team – 2 minutes of Rope Climbs – each team got 2 minutes to climb (while not completely jumping) to the top of the rope as many times as they could.  Kinda ugly, but entertaining.  We found Slumlord’s knack.

Individual – 2 minutes of WWII Situps – situps with legs straight out on the ground, and arms straight overhead.  Most wins.

Team – Sandbag Medley Mile – the plan was to have each team do 4 laps with each lap having a 40#, 60#, 80#, or no sandbag.  First team to finish wins.  Since we were out of time, we opted to do a sandbag carry back to the shovelflag.  We split the points.

So, fun was had, new things were tried, maybe we’ll do it again in 4 years.  Or, if we get some snow, 2 years with some winter brolympics.


  • All 9’s is doing a half iron man this weekend
  • Stomp the Swamp
  • Dad’s Camp


  • Quisenberry – daughter

FNG – Dalton Morris, 10 years old, Monster Jam’s friend, he did a sleep over and I drug him out, took a little while but settled on Lil Nugs somehow before Coffeteria was over.

PS – Both teams had the same scores.  Podium finishers were… Cowbell, Argyle, Mulligan.

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