• When: 2021-07-23
  • QIC: PickAxe
  • The PAX: Argyle, Duff, Soaker, KenDoll, YellowCake

PA’s Turn

YHC has been enjoyjng the push from Urban Legend on many friday mornings this summer. With the Q sheet open it was time to take a turn at the helm. My 2nd time Qing at UL, the ice house workout I had put together for my first attempt was located. (Ice house was locked when we arrived there on my last attempt.) Here is how it went.

Weather was warm very humid.

5:14 one minute was called and 5:15 disclaimer delivered, Lord thanked and off we went. 

YellowCake came in on 2 wheels so we circled a segment of the lot to catch up with him then circled up for some warmup exercises.

Warmup: ssh, wm, hb, mt.climbers all 12ic

Moseyed to ice house via Maiden Lane. This time the lower gate was wide open for us. Exercises started at the bottom with 5 hr mercans, 5 reverse crunch, 5 squat on each terrace, planking for the 6 at the top.

At the end of round 1, 10 burpees (for brick) then back down the steps for round 2. 

2nd round 5 Inc mercans, 5 bbsu, 5 squats at each terrace to the top, planking at the top for the 6. At the end of round 2 10 burpees then 3 dec mercans (for cheers) at each terrace back to the bottom

On the artificial turf at the bottom v-ups and mercans, 20 ic. Step ups to the top, 10 more burpees (possibly? Not really certain)

Moseyed back to the flag around the back of town hall. At the flag 20 mercan oyo, 20 ah ic, 29 fk ic and boat canoe to finish.

Moleskin: the more times you Q the more you will modify your weinke on the fly….can be tough to recall exactly what was done when putting together the bb

Countarama, namarama

Announcements: stomp the swamp, 9-11 challenge at smokehouse coming up. 

Devo: 1 Corinthians 13:1-4 replace the urge to get angry or defensive with love 



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