• When: 2020-11-14
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Soaker, Cheers

Honoring Cheech on Cheech 10k Day

Great time to be in the gloom today.  YHC hates to miss the 10k today, but he has to get ready for his daughter’s birthday party.  One of these days she will run it with me.  Glad to have Soaker out today.  It was inevitable that we would have a low turnout with the 10k today, but YHC sure appreciates the support from his Shawshank brother and good friend.

Here’s how it went today:


Grab a block and mosey to football field

COP all IC:

  • SSH x 10
  • Alternating block Merkins x 10
  • Squats x 10
  • AB Merkins x 10
  • Plank jacks x 10
  • AB Merkins x 10


Line up on goal line

  • Grab a block and overhead carry to mid field.  Do 25 shoulder presses.  Carry block overhead to the far end zone and do 25 more SP.
  • Once all PAX have made it to the goal line, place block on shoulder and run back to mid-field and do 50 curls
  • Mosey the rest of the way back and do 50 more curls.
  • At goal line, Bear crawl to mid-field and do 25 diamond merkins
  • Bear crawl the rest of the way to the far end zone and do 25 more DM
  • Mosey to midfield for Al Gore (who knows how to concede an election) x 1 minute
  • At end zone, Mosey with block on shoulder to midfield and do 25 squats, mosey to far end zone for 25 squats, back to midfield for 25 squats, then back to first end zone for 25 more squats.

Gassers Beatdown (all exercises are OYO):

  • At end zone: block merkins x 25, incline x 25, decline x 25, bench press x 25
  • 100 yard gasser and back
  • At end zone: cleans x 10, calf raises x 25, lunge with block x 10 each leg (ended up doing a total of 12, Q’s hamstring acted up)
  • 100 yard gasser and back
  • At end zone: iron crosses x 25, flutter kicks x 25, American Hammer x 25
  • 100 yard gasser and back

Iron Pax Deja vu:

  • At end zone:
  • Murder bunnies x 10; then 2 Burpees
  • Rinse and repeat to midfield
  • LBC x 50
  • Rinse and repeat murder bunnies and burpees back to original end zone

Return blocks

Duck walk breezeway with brick columns

Return to flag

Get on your 6 for Mary:

LBC x 50

Hello Dollies x 25 OC

6 inches x 1 minute




  • Look for SAFE announcement soon
  • Still collecting Mac and Cheese donations
  • Shawshank is collecting money for Camp Chemo
  • Look for announcement on Families Helping Families soon
  • Hot off the press; Shawshank is ringing the bell on December 12 tentatively; looking for volunteers.


  • Notebook
  • Lexington PAX dealing with a private family matter
  • Families
  • Country
  • Marriages
  • Unspoken

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