• When: 2021-06-22
  • QIC: Blue Bloods
  • The PAX: Keychain, Black Betty, Twerk, Wee Wee, Tinker, Scotch, Coop, Skid Mark, Dominion, Blue Bloods

10 PAX Take to the Gloom to Celebrate a First Year Anniversary at Surge

It’s hard to believe that it has been just over a year since YHC was dragged out to the Gloom and introduced to the HIMs of Surge.  YHC still remembers the apprehension of heading to an elementary school parking lot at a God-forsaken hour to workout of all things!  How ridiculous and how strange of an idea it seemed to me. 

T-Claps to Scotch for planting the F3 seed in YHC’s head and for trying to explain it all to YHC’s M; the two of which had convinced me to give it a shot…how bad could it be?.  When YHC arrived people were addressing each other with what I can only assume were nicknames…….I mean who in their right mind would name their son Twerk or Black Betty or Dominion or Wee Wee?  Needless to say the bell tolled 5:15am and the next 45 minutes were pure misery led by Escobar.  I swore up and down I would never be coming back…..then they brought YHC into the COT and after some brief discussion I too was donned with a nickname, even though in my head it was a waste of time because I knew I was never coming back.  

But soon after something changed.  The men reached out, the men made sure I was ok, the men tried to heal my emotional wounds by assuring me that its not always as hard as it was that day (completely didn’t believe them). However it was enough to make me think that there was something amazing about this fellowship of F3, and YHC came back…again and again and now the F3 seed as flourished.   YHC is eternally grateful for that first butt whoopin’ administered by Escobar and even more so for the incredible fellowship and friendships that have developed along the way.  Looking forward to many more years, many more CSAUP events, and so much more to come.


Conditions: 68 degrees and overcast

2 Minute Warning

Disclaimer; Not a Pro; Modify if needed; NO FNG

Opening Prayer

Stay put for the Warmup:

SSH IC x 10; TTT IC x 10; LBAC IC x 10; Reverse LBAC IC x 10; Imperial Walker IC x 10

Mosey to the front of the school

The Thang:

Because YHC has a tendency to be somewhat nostalgic at times, I wanted to bring a Q to the Gloom that had some meaning to YHC.  T-Claps to Escobar for having the Weinke from June 11, 2020, the first time I stepped foot in the gloom, the punishing, miserable Q that made YHC swear I would never be back.  

Part 1:

EMOM x 10 Rounds

-5 Merkins; 5 Squats; 5 Burpees

Part 2: The Stack

Station (Light Pole) 1:  5 Burpees; High Knees to Station (Light Pole) 2

Station 2:  5 Burpees; 10 Bonnie Blairs; High Knees to Station 3

Station 3:  5 Burpees; 10 Bonnie Blairs; 15 BBSU; High Knees to Station 4

Station 4:  5 Burpees; 10 Bonnie Blairs; 15 BBSU; 20 Squats; High Knees to Station 5

Station 5:  5 Burpees; 10 Bonnie Blairs; 15 BBSU; 20 Squats; 50 Merkins; High Knees to Station 6

Station 6:  5 Burpees; 10 Bonnie Blairs; 15 BBSU; 20 Squats; 50 Merkins; 75 SSH (single count); High Knees to Station 7

Station 7:  5 Burpees; 10 Bonnie Blairs; 15 BBSU; 20 Squats; 50 Merkins; 75 SSH (single count); 100 2-Count Flutter Kicks; Mosey back to Flag


Count-o-Rama; Name-o-Rama


-Month of July 100 Mile or 25 Merkin A Day Challenge…donations for St. Judes See Blue Bloods for more information

-Hewitt 5k 6/25/21; visit www.strictlyrunning.com to register

-F3 Dads Camp Aug 20-22

-Stomp the Swamp Aug 21


-Cultivate the Life God has given to you and not seek out to cultivate a life you want or don’t have

-Additional By Twerk- God is here; we are not alone and He is here with us

Prayer Requests:

Cobains…..YHC forgot due to incessant rambling….so ALL Unspoken

Closing Prayer

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