• When: 2021-04-15
  • QIC: Handlebar
  • The PAX: Columbo (RESPECT), PapaG (AOQ), Alter Boy, King James, Lizard Man, Biggie Smalls, Blind Date, Tuff Guy, Handlebar (YHC)

The Tax Man Cometh

Thursday 4-15-2021 – TAX DAY

Today’s weather report

Today was supposed to be tax day, but the IRS has delayed the filing date. No worries – we’ll still get our work done on time.

A few facts about tax and CPAs:

  • First income tax was in 1862 to help fund the war effort
  • It was terminated, and the restarted in the new century around 1913
  • Here is a copy of the first 1040 from 1913
  • Only those making over $3,000/yr were required to file
  • The 16th Amendment establishes the current system
  • To become a CPA you have to:
    • Complete 150 college credit hours
    • Pass a 4 part exam
    • Pass an ethics exam
    • Maintain 40 hours of continuing education annually
    • People who have passed the bar and the CPA, attest that the CPA is harder than the bar.


  • 10x (I/C) Side straddle hop
  • 10x (I/C) Through the tunnel
  • 10x (I/C) LBAC forward
  • 10x (I/C) LBAC reverse
  • 10x (I/C) Raise the roof
  • 10x (I/C) Michael Phelps
  • 10x (I/C) Squat
  • Calf stretch
  • World’s greatest stretch
  • 10x (OYO) ‘Mericans


Today’s workout was a compilation of miscellaneous exercises to the theme of “1040”.  We did 1 set, then ran a lap around the dark mile, then did a 2nd set before putting up our blocks for some Mary.

10x Curls
40x Overhead Press
10x Monkey Humpers
40x Mountain Climbers
10x Imperial Walker
40x Toe Taps
10x The ‘Merican
40x American Hammer
10x BoX Cutter
40x Fairy Jack
10x Reverse Crunch
40x Al Gore
10x Upright Row
40x Dips


  • 10x (I/C) Flutter kicks
  • 10x (I/C) Gas pumpers
  • 10x (I/C) Ray Charles (Columbo sang)
  • Boat/Canoe
  • Heel’s to Heaven – count got way off and not sure how many we did.

Mumble chatter included:

  • Tax commentary
  • AB getting confused on who Blind Date was
  • Biggie not working out due to Ragnar on Friday – whatever
  • T-Spot HC’ing then fartsacking 
  • Mrs. Mary

Back blast Easter Egg for the first non-Jumanji PAX to read this far and sees this message – for the first visiting pax to sign up to Q a Jumanji Saturday w/o, YHC will buy your coffeeteria breakfast on your Q date.


  • YHC’s “Tax Preparer Route” at Stampede on 4-16-21
  • Dealer’s Choice boot camp on 4-17-21
  • Herdvergence on 4-30-21
  • Card and donation for Mrs. Mary and God’s Helping Hands

Prayer Requests:

  • Praise report from YHC for good results from MIL’s cancer treatment and mom’s knee replacement.
  • Unspoken requests

Strava Record or it didn’t happen.

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