• When: 2024-02-06
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Bare Market, Kenwood (R), Prime, Fezzick, Wild Hog (R), Slumlord (R), Soaker (R)

Hollow blocks and solid merkins

The Hollow is always a great AO to visit. It was good to see some pax I have not seen in a while and meet a couple of new ones. Fun times at an old friend. 

The morning was chilly, the skies were clear, and the desire to get better was in the air. It has been a pretty minute since YHC ventured to the hallowed grounds of the Hollow. Blocks still in good shape, the fields were lit and dry, and studs posted to workout. Regrettably, we were missing the tunes but still made it through a solid 42 minutes.

1 minute warning, disclaimer, no FNG’s, open in prayer.

Grab a block and head to the field.

SSH x 20 IC, TTT x 10 IC, Michael Phelps x 15 IC, OH claps x 10 IC.


5 cones – 4 corners and 1 in the center.

Start at center cone – 20 curls, 20 OH presses. 20 bent over rows.

Corner 1 – 20 merkins, 20 squats – return to center and repeat.

Corner 2 – 20 lunges, 20 hand release merkins – return to center and repeat.

Corner 3 – 20 freddy mercury’s (2ct), 10 burpees – return to center and repeat.

Corner 4 – 20 diamond merkins, 20 bbsu’s – return to center and repeat.

We made it through 2 full rounds. Total reps – 120 merkins (various types), 40 squats, 40 lunges, 40 freddy mercury’s (2ct), 20 burpees, 160 curls, 160 oh presses, 160 bent over rows.

Finished up with 25 lbc’s, flutter kicks x 15 IC. Return blocks and plank up in a circle. Pax 1 does 5 merkins while other pax hold the plank. Pax 2 does merkins and so on. 2 laps around the circle.



Saturday BC at Shawshank
Hollow converging at White Knoll on Thursday


Prayer requests:

Aging parents
Cheers / Ashley
Families in general

Close in prayer.

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