• When: 2020-02-29
  • QIC: Chedda, Gravedigger, Quisenberry, ThumbsUp
  • The PAX: Rebar, Columbo, RedEye, Strut, SayWhat!?!, FloppyDisk, Knowzit, SteelToe, Bonzai, Cartwheel, RingTone, Frosty, PennyStock, Skeeter, Boooo, ChopBlock, Pepto, Forrest, DOT, Notebook, Headgear, Leftout, Wapner, DanceOff, SundayDriver, Lil’Papi, Buttermaker, GloboGym, Swanson, Canseco, MilliVanilli, FingerPaint - FNG, Ballboy, Pearl, NoHelp, TroyBuilt, Nugget, DanceMachine, NatureBoy, BreakerBreaker, Gypsy, Cheers, Popoff, Irrev, Gennie, Argyle, MuggyTape, KenDoll, Wingback, WeekendSpecial, Netflix, BarCrawl, Tardy, Adluh, BlueRhino, Zappos, FastCasual, Treadmill, Tater, TailSpin, Bondo, BooBoo, MailOrder, Cowbell, Nick, CoonDog, Booster, DoubleFault, Soaker, HandleBar, CureAid, Rook, Dunphy, Lego, Katniss, Dominion, TailPipe, Overage, Hemmingway, PaperJam, Ranger, Utah, Chum, FannieMae, DeadStick, NewHelmet, DirtyBird, MacGruber, ShortHaul, Quisenberry, Chedda, GraveDigger, ThumbsUp

Celebrating 6 yrs at Graveyard

Image96 pax including 1 FNG posted for 4 stations laid about strategically by the Qs listed above.  Here is how it went down:

Conditions: Chilly in the 30s



  • GD – SSH x 20 IC
  • Quis – Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
  • Chedda – IW x 20 IC
  • TU – TTT x 15 IC

ImageUF pax, follow Booster to the field.

Remaining pax bring the circle closer, break into quarter and follow your Qs to their Stations.  Rinse and Repeat for 15 minutes and Rotate.

Station 1: GraveDigger “Block Work”

Mosey to the far end of the concourse where you’ll find roughly 25-ish  blocks anxiously waiting to be picked by a winner. You’ll notice 10 cones spaced roughly 10 yard apart leading back to the near end of the concourse (which would later be referred to as the “narrow corridor”).

  • Start with 10 Block Squats.
  • Overhead carry to Cone # 1. Perform 10 Incline Merkins.
  • Overhead Carry to Cone # 2. Perform 10 Big Boy Situps.
  • Overhead Carry to Cone # 3. Perform 10 Decline Merkins.
  • Overhead Carry to Cone # 4. Perform 10 Big Boy Situps.
  • Overhead carry to Cone # 5. Perform 10 Incline Merkins.
  • Overhead Carry to Cone # 6. Perform 10 Big Boy Situps.
  • Overhead Carry to Cone # 7. Perform 10 Decline Merkins.
  • Overhead Carry to Cone # 8. Perform 10 Big Boy Situps.
  • Overhead carry to Cone # 9. Perform 10 Incline Merkins.
  • Overhead Carry to Cone # 10. Perform 10 Big Boy Situps.
  • Overhead carry back to the start line and plank for the six.
  • Finish with 10 Block Squats.
  • Plank-orama
  • Perform 10 Incline Merkins OYO.
  • Perform 10 Block Squats OYO.
  • Recover


Station 2: Chedda “TABATA”
(20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest)

YHC called out exercises during the rest time and we crushed AMRAP while the music played.

Songs Included:

“Pass the Mic” by the Beastie Boys
“Running Down a Dream” by Tom Petty
“Tom Sawyer” by Rush
“Jump Around” by House of Pain
“Monkey Wrench” by Foo Fighters
“No Rain” by Blind Melon

Exercises included

  • Merkins
  • T-Plank Merkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Squats
  • Squat-Squat-Jump
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Flutter Kicks
  • BBSU
  • LBCs
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Burpees


Station 3: Quisenberry “Reaper Hill”

Mozey to Reaper Hill.  

Rules of the Hill today – When you get to the top, either sweep the 6, or SSH until the 6 arrives

Mozey to the top of the Hill, and after the 6 arrives, Grab a spot on the wall for:

  • Incline Merks x10 OYO
  • Bonnie Blairs x 10 IC
  • Dips on the wall x 10 OYO

Mozey back down the hill for 

  • LBCs x 10 IC
  • AmHam x 10 IC
  • Flutter Kicks x 10 IC

Mozey back up to the first light pole and back, Sweep the 6 or plank for the 6

  • Mekins x 5 IC
  • Power Straddle Hops x 10 IC

Mozey to 2nd Light pole and back, sweep or plank.

Mozey back to the SF and rotate to the next station

Station 4: ThumbsUp “SIX STATION ROTATION”

Pax divided into teams.  Each member of a team took a spot at a station.
One Pax pulls the tire around the parking lot loop.
When the loop completes the pax rotate forward.


  1. Tire Pull
  2. Mega-Curls
  3. LBC’s
  4. Jump Rope
  5. Wall Sits
  6. Block Chest Press on your six




Image  Image


  • FNG TIm Privette 51 Lived in Lexington whole life, used to do a lot of races and triathlons and just getting back into it now. Art Conservator > Van Gogh? > wore blue vest and Headband >  Blueberry? > Color By Numbers? > BlueSky? > FingerPaint? Welcome FingerPaint!
  • TClaps to RangerF3 for 2 years of impact and leadership! #Respect in every sense!
  • After 6 years, Reaper Hill still Sucks
  • At Station 4, The TIRE PULL SUCKED!


  • Cereal Challenge for Mission Lexington.  See ThumbsUp
    TCLAPS to the pax for collecting 1500+ boxes of cereal, oatmeal & pop tarts were collected and delivered to Mission Lexington.
    AMBUSH & DETENTION agreed to a DRAW with each having over 500 boxes collected! #IMPACT


Prayer Requests:

  • Dear Diary

Ranger Shared some words and he passed off the SF to the next Nantan:

“Thanks to all the men of F3Lexington for their support and leadership over the last 2 Years.  It’s the men that make it work, they come up with the activities, fundraisers, work projects and programs to support the community, pax and families.  In passing the shovel flag to Quisenberry, we pass the flag to a man that exemplifies the characteristics of All 3Fs. We can’t wait to see how he moves us forward to bigger and better things.” 


“Extremely humbled and honored to follow in the footsteps of these 2 #HIM. I look forward to the opportunity to give back to a group that has given so much to me. I’ll do my best to serve F3LexSC and build on the foundation laid by KenDoll and Ranger. Looking forward to locking shields and accelerating all 3 Fs with my brothers. SYITG. AYE” – Quisenberry


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