• When: 2020-03-02
  • QIC: Bar Crawl
  • The PAX: El Chapo, Mail Order, Tailspin, Pop Off, Niles, Irrev, Boat Plug, Track Hoe, Sundrop, Bar Crawl

From fartsack to Q

YHC has had a tough time waking up on Monday mornings as of late and usually settles on a 5:45 neighborhood run. Saturday I saw Pop Off at the convergence and he asked when I’d be back to Wander, to which I kind of mumblechuckled but made no commitment. Then Sunday afternoon, we had a baseball team party where Mail Order and Tailspin were planning their departure time for Wander in the morning and asked if I was coming. At that point I was a maybe. After I got home, I checked the Wander group DM and saw some chatter, and changed my maybe to an SC. Then Track Hoe asked who was Qing and I realized the Q spot was open, so I nabbed it and HCed in order to put some pep in the step of the Wander boys! Here’s how it went down:

38 and dry



L on S. Church

L on W. Butler

Cross over 378 and W. Butler becomes Reed

R on Wessinger

L on Northwood

R on Caughman

L on 378

R on Meetze

L on W. Butler

R on N. Lake

R. on Main back to Icehouse





  • SAFE Run is coming up May 11-17
  • Wear Blue for Dear Diary to your bootcamps tomorrow


  • Dear Diary – urgent prayers needed
  • Scotch’s dad



Good to be back out with the men of Wander this morning! Great showing to have 10 PAX on a Monday. I remember more than one occasion when I was the only PAX that showed up, so #TClaps to Pop Off for getting the PAX out there!

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