• When: 2022-07-19
  • QIC: Blue Bloods
  • The PAX: Rocking Chair (R), Shandy (R), Strut, Dr. Quinn, No Help, Chandler, Blind Side, Glow Worm, Milli Vanilli, Blue Bloods

10 PAX Test Their Blackjack Skills at The Crypt

Some weeks back, YHC brought a version of a blackjack inspired work out to a few AOs in our region and got some positive feedback.  So when asked to bring something like this to Crypt, YHC jumped at the opportunity.  Step one was finding a date to make it happen; step two was finding a non-stop flight from this end of Lexington to the eastside; step three was showing the HIM of the eastside  how we do it on the westside “because you and I know its the best side,”-Tupac.

All jokes aside, 10 Crypt beasts met in the Gloom and welcomed YHC with open arms and some friendly mumble chatter and we were well under way.  What had happened was…….

Disclaimer, Not a Pro, Listen to Your Body, Modify if Need Be

Opening Prayer

Mosey to the outdoor gym area

The Warmup

The Motivator (5 count), TTT IC x 10, LBAC IC x 10; RLBAC IC x 10; OH Claps IC x 10

The Thang

As previously stated, this was a blackjack inspired workout.  It just so happens to be that we are currently in the Month of Murph Challenge with some familiar faces present taking part in the challenge, including our fearless Nantan.  What better way to get a good beating in by combining these two things.  

With 10 PAX in attendance, time had to be taken into consideration.  So in a circle each PAX went head to head one at a time with the dealer (YHC).  If the PAX wins they chose the exercise and the rep count is the total number  on their blackjack hand.  For example…..if a PAX has 18 and the Dealer has 17, the PAX choses 17 reps of Merkins, Squats, or Pull ups.  If the Dealer beats the PAX, then we take the Dealers winning hand and double it for a rep count.  For example if the PAX has 17 and the Dealer gets 20, the Dealer choses 40 reps of Merkins, Squats or Pull ups.

Each PAX went head to head one time each against the Dealer and the results were mixed but betterment was achieved.


Merkins: 170 (this includes the 20 at Mary)

Squats: 200

Pull Ups: 100

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag

Dealers Choice Mary (all except YHC….i did enough dealing)





-Dads Camp (Aug 19-21)

-Jailbreak (Aug 20)

-Stomp the Swap (Aug 20)

-Smokehouse 9/11 Challenge (9/24)

Prayer Requests:

-Praise TailPipe welcoming new baby girl to family

-F3 PAX and FiA’s battling cancer


-Praise for No Show being able to spend time at beach with family

-Milli Vanilli Mother in Law and Father in Law…Father in Law battling dementia

DEVO: Make Time with God a Priority in Your Day To Day

Closing Prayer

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