• When: 11/18/14
  • QIC: Quarantine
  • The PAX: Detour, Fracture, Hoser, breakfast Club, Land slide, Black out, Madonna, Underoos, Freon, Wagon Wheel, Vultron - FNG "Dry Heat" -- From Boneyard - Mad Hatter, Copay, Sled, Garmin

PT Test and a freezing game of cards

17 Pax in total (3 from Boneyard and 1 FNG-Dry Heat) fought the elements for a Quarantine lead card game after PT testing.

Conditions: 31 degrees and breezy (20 degree windchill)

The THANG: After a quick BOM for prayer and warmth, we did a Mosey and weave through pillars in front of the school en route to the helipad for the COP


  • side straddle hops x 15 IC
  • little baby arm circles x 15 forward and reverse IC
  • windmill x 15 IC

A quick mosey down to the mini turf for PT testing!

— 2 minute rounds max reps – Merkins/Big Boy Sit Ups

Mosey up to the main parking lot  for an game of cards: with a partner, draw three cards and do the following exercises for those card:

Ace – mosey lap around parking

2 – sprints to top of lot (mosey back)

3 – minutes of planks

4 – sets of 5 carolina dry docks (20 total)

5 – sets of 5 merkins (25 total)

6 – sets of 5 big boy sit ups (30 total)

7 – sets of 5 lateral line hops (35 total)

8 – Lunges (each leg)

9 – Jump Squats

10 – Burpees

Jack – Bear Crawl through field

Queen – Weave through pillars by side shuffling

King – Parking lot suicide

With a few minutes left, the pax stretched it out for one big indian run around the main parking lot to close out our time.





– If you want to see how you’re PT tests have improved over time, check out the PT progress report @ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhHco_4u69AsdDhGZUIyYTdHT2NpcUhPNXU0YkhKZ2c&usp=sharing#gid=0

– Hoser is leading a “Stride Light” on Tuesday/Thursday mornings at 4:45am before the normal workout. Usually 2-3 miles at a 9:30-10:00 minute/mile pace.

– The inaugural F3 Lexington Christmas Party is set.  Here are the details:

– When: Friday, December 19 at 6pm

– Where: Country Club of Lexington: 1066 Barr Road, Lexington 29072

– Cost: $20 per adult; $9 per kid.  (BBQ buffet dinner)

– We will have a DJ (Thanks Thumbs Up!) and a cash bar.  Also, we will recognize some of our fellow pax with some awards and other things.  Click on this link to vote on these awards: http://goo.gl/forms/ogMSuoTzm0

– Also, our FiA sisters will be there, too.  We can EH the husbands that don’t post with us.

– Reply to Ken Doll ([email protected]) with an HC and let me know if you’re bringing your M and/or 2.0s. We’ll collect money at the door.

– It’s going to be a great 2ndF evening.

Prayer requests: – Keep Praying for Walker

Devotional Thought – Ephesians 2:1-6 — We were dead in our mess, but we have been made alive through Christ! We have gone from death to life. We didn’t earn it, work for it, or deserve it. It’s a gift! When folks look at your attitude, the way you treat your M and 2.0s, and how you handle yourself at work, do they see that gift of life? You’ve been made alive…so how are you living?

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