• When: 07/30/15
  • QIC: Senator
  • The PAX: FMJ, Hamm, Kamikaze, Honey Do, Aquaman, Meso, Blackwater, Two Gloves, Hatter, Bang Bang, Viagra, Senator

Sweat stained Asphalt

12 faithful PAX arrived this morning at #Sandlot, for another daily #downpainment, of F3.  Disclaimer given and the PAX were off.

The Thang:

– Mosey over to the upper/newer parking lot at #Sandlot. 


Windmill x 20 IC

Bend and Reach x 20 IC

SSH x 20 IC

Squats x 10 IC

Lunges x 10 IC

Flutter Kicks x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

– Form up at end of parking lot for an Indian Run round the parking lot (approx. a 250 meter run)  Two lines needed, due to number of PAX.  At the end of each lap, complete the following, in order, starting with B, then at the end of lap 2, complete B and L, end of Lap 3 complete B, L, and I.  Continue this process until all letters are complete. BLIMPS:

B = 5 Burpees

L = 10 Lunges (each leg)

I = 15 Imperial Walkers

M = 20 Merkins

P = 25 Plank Jacks

S = 30 Squats

When completed, the PAX completed a total of 30 Burpees, 50 Lunges, 60 Imperial Walkers, 60 Merkins, 50 Plank Jacks, and 30 Squats. 

Finished with one more, Single File Line Indian Run around Parking Lot.

– Form up in center of parking lot for


Alternating Leg Raise Merkin x 10 IC

Flutter Kicks x 20 IC

Merk Jacks x 5 IC

Hello Dolly x 20 IC

Spider-Man Merkins x 5 IC

Chaser LBC x 20 IC

– By the end of this, we all had left a nice sweaty body impression stained into the asphalt! 

– Mosey over to Play Ground

Jump Assist Pull Ups, AMRAP 30 Sec. for 2 rounds

Dips x 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5.  with a 5 sec. rest in-between sets



Great work this morning by the PAX.  It was a smoker of a workout.  Everyone pushed hard the entire 45 min. The weather was super muggy.  Great work.

Lets all continue to EH some of the guys we haven’t seen out in a while. Lets make a genuine effort to encourage them to come back out and post.  I’d love to see the NE continue to grow and have big numbers going into the fall and winter months. Putting in the hard work now, will make those months a lot easier

Lets not forget about the Q calendar.  Especially those guys who Q on a regular basis.  Our location relies on all of us, to stay strong.  Remember, if you think you are ready for your VQ, then please get with me or Hot Tub, to CO-Q your first time.

Exciting times to be in the North East region of F3.  We are growing, and reaching out to a lot of new guys.  Let’s keep it up!

See you in the Gloom!






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