• When: 07/10/15
  • QIC: Hee-Haw
  • The PAX: Serena, Beacon, Wingback, Holy Poker, Skirt, Co-Pay, Grillz, Odyssey

Stumble’s Long day…with Hills

Opening apology…a late backblast is better than no backblast…right?

The Thang:

In order to accommodate BRR training, the Stumble pax have decided to up the mileage on Fridays, but in order to accommodate those runners not taking the #RedPill in September the Stumble pax have devised the following workout schedule. Those that want extra mileage meet at 5:00 am, and run a loop that brings them back to the AO to meet up with the rest of the pax at 5:30.

The early crowd on 7/10 were YHC, Beacon, Holy Poker, Wingback, Skirt and Serena. We went on a 3 mile run down the Rockwood loop. We then met up with Grillz, Odyssey, and Co-Pay and put in another 4.75 miles in the Hampton Hills.

Here is a link to our route: 7.75 Miles in the Hampton Hills


-Little Mountain Half-Marathon on August 15, 2015 more information here

-Stretch is putting on a workshop for all pax on July 25th. More info here

-Palmetto Place Open House 7/14 at 5:30 pm. Contact Termite (@trevknox) for the details. More information here.

Other stuff.

That’s all…for now

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