• When: 
  • QIC: 7/15/2015
  • The PAX: Wingback, Holy Poker, Beacon, Improv, Co-Pay, Silver Bullet, Ziffel, Skirt, Serena.

Stumble Gets Out and About

Cobains for late BB. Wednesday’s HD Stumble provided nice tour of both sides of Garners Ferry…with some Pain Stations along the way. Mileage was a tad over 4 miles at a brisk pace. Great to see recent FNG Co-Pay continue to post and to have Silver Bullet and roving Improv join us!!

The Thang: R. out of AO onto Olde Knight, R. Old Woodlands, across Garners Ferry, R. Munsen Springs Drive, L. Woodlawn with Tip the Hat to Legion AO. Wingback says this is quite a hill…glad we’re going down. YHC couldn’t resist opportunity to take it to the end, turn around and go back up the hill on Woodlawn. At top of hill at Woodlawn and Damson, another Tip the Hat to Legion and 1st Pain Station of 25 Flutter Kicks 4-IC. All regroup and takeoff down Damson, R. Brandon with tough push up short hill. At top, stop to do 20 Squats 4-IC. Resume run on Brandon, L. on Garners Ferry, R. into USC Medical School (here we go off the Strava Map around Medical School and VA campus with 2 Pain Stations: Freedom Twist and Mountain Climbers-both 4 ct-IC). R. Byron out of VA, R. Wormwood, L. Galway, R. Olde Knight with a bit of a Jail Break (Wingback, Holy Poker, and Beacon still had some gas in the tank).

Fun outing with the Stumble PAX.

BOM and Devo.

Stretch little f clinic on Saturday, July 25 at 8:15.

Little Mtn 1/2 Marathon Aug 15-checkout Hee Haw pre-blast.

Big Woodshed convergence on Aug 29-gota be there!

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