• When: 9/21/2015
  • QIC: Serena
  • The PAX: Pi, Kenny G, Holy Poker, Grilz, Pipeline, Beacon, Co-Pay, Skirt, Serena

Stumble Faithful

Appears that post BRR, #Stumble is quickly getting back to push one another to get better! 9 faithful Stumblers turned-out (8 runners + 1 YHC on the DL) in the Monday Gloom to get their run-on, a familiar route and nice conditions with the PAX posting around 8 min pace with a route that has some climbs. With Paper Cut’s launch of Grit Iron on Monday’s at 5:30, there’s lots going on over at #Woodshed and plenty of workout options! Stumble has its eye on the next challenge, looking at the P200 in March; as Beacon’s and Lake Murray’s pre-blast indicate, there’s plenty of time to train for an experience like no other!

Today’s Route: Out-n-back route for 20-22 minutes. L Old Knight, R Chambly, L Queensway, R Old Woodlands, L Garners Ferry, L Rosewood. If PAX made it to Hardee’s/Casey’s Fireworks on Rosewood, they’d have a 5 mile round-trip.


Annoucements:Report from Grilz on Hurricane Hike (F3 represented well-lots of ‘kills’); get serious about the P200 (discount offered for signups before end of September); prayers for Beacon’s son and he grows/learns from recent baseball tournament, prayers for family battling cancer (likely hospice stage).

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