• When: 08/27/15
  • QIC: Nikita
  • The PAX: Fresh Prince, Ben Fountain - FNG Drapes, Jack Hagood - FNG Hay Bale, Moolah, Gulag, Scarlett, Bunk Bed, Field Day, RA, Rich Rod, Alex Royle - FNG Jameis, Matt Clark - FNG Radio, Rohan Thakkar - FNG Oliver, Borat, Strider, Quarantine, Welcome Week, Nikita

Spur Shares Space with ROTC

We had to avoid the ROTC boys and another apparent bootcamp workout group that met a little later than us (we still WIN for being earlier). 18 Pax posted with 5 FNGs. Keep the momentum rolling! We gonna take this campus over! #PlantGrowServe The workout went as follows:


  • SSH x 15 IC, Superspeed SSH x 10 IC
  • Through the Tunnel x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • Windmill x 20 IC
  • Squat x 20 IC
  • Follow the Q Merkins (Up, half, down, R, L) x 3 min
  • Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
  • LBC x 20 IC
  • Boat Canoes x 2 min

Gassers: Sprint length of field 3 x… no stopping.

Partner Gassers: Partner up. One partner does squats while other sprints length of field and does 20 decline merkins on brick bleachers. Switch. Rinse repeat with Flutter Kicks at base & 40 step ups at bleachers, merkins at base and running up bleachers.

Race to the Goal via Indian Crawl: Line up in two groups in plank position. Last pax crawls through “Tunnel of Pax.” First team to get a pax inside soccer goal 30 yards away, wins.

Mozie to stairs

Run to top of stairs for Blatt Bridge, do 5 burpees, run to bottom, do 4 burpees, etc. Plank when finished.

Long line tunnel-crawl slalom: All pax line up in single file and high plank. Last pax weaves under each pax until all have gone.


  • Chaser LBCs x 20 IC
  • Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
  • Hello Dolly x 20 IC
  • Boat Canoes x 2 min
  • Russian Twist x 20 IC
  • Low Plank, High Plank x 1 min




Devotional: Jeremiah 9:23-24


  • Keep coming out! Great numbers
  • Mud Run deadline is coming up on Sept 12th. Mud Run is Saturday, October 24th.

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