• When: 07/16/15
  • QIC: Cousteau
  • The PAX: Babyruth, Cousteau, BigTime, SnapOn, Retread, Pele, TnT, OBC, Secret squirrel

SCORE Goes Over The Wall – A Lot

9 guys showed up, spurred on by YHC’s tweets the night before about increasing their IQ and women throwing articles of clothing at them. The Pax may be a little disappointed, but they at least got a smokin’ hot workout.

Conditions: 78 and sweaty
The Thang: All Pax were encouraged to stick with good form throughout

SSH IC x 15
Imp. Walkers IC x 15
Merkins IC x 15
Squats IC x 20
LBC IC x 20
V-ups IC x 10

Grab some blocks, mosey to back wall

Perform 10 burpees
Climb over wall
Perform 9 burpees
Climb over wall
Rinse and repeat 10 times reducing burpees by 1 each time over the wall = 55 burpees
#crowdpleaser #nomumblechatter

Mosey to far wall of Dreher while blocks are in Cusack position

People’s Chair with block in laps
Raise blocks overhead x 20 seconds
Raise blocks straight out x 10 seconds
Rinse and Repeat x 2

50 calf raises on block OYO

Mosey to parking lot

Lunge walk with blocks overhead – 5 each leg
merkin on block x 5
block curls x 5
overhead press x 5
squat w/ blocks x 5
Rinse and Repeat x 5

Circle up in parking lot, on your backs
Windshield Wipers OYO x 15
Iron Crosses OYO x 20
Block curls x 10
Circuit curls x 10 (down, middle, up, middle, down = 1)

Join Brickpile Pax for some Flutter Kicks to end time

COT: Birckpile

Announcements: F3 Dads tomorrow at 7:00am. If you have not done your PT test, please do so and coordinate with Big Time.

SCORE is pushing the limits lately, challenging each other to do more and work harder and it is fun. If you are not a regular, come try it out. You will be smoked – I promise. We need a push from all regulars to bring back wayward Pax and recruit FNGs. The more we have the more fun the workout.

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