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  • QIC: 
  • The PAX: 

40 seconds of pain

AO: Sandlot
Q: Bayou, Runt
PAX: Fenway, Bayou, Blind Date, Broke Down, BunkBed, CESS, Coin Flip, Ruby, Runt, Two Doses, Two Gloves, Nino Brown
FNGs: None
Band stretch 25, Run, 3 Burpee
Banded Good morning 15, Run, 3 Burpee
Band pull apart 10, run. 3 burpee

3 Burpees and a run, 5 burpees and a run, 7 burpees and a run, 9 burpees and a run, 11 burpees and run

Burpees suicides with 7 merkins, 7 Carolina dry docks, 14 LBCs

Bench press and snatches 3 rounds of 8

The Thang 2
40 sec on 20 sec off Tabata three rounds
Medicine ball slam and star jumps
Plank variation
We are not worthy with squats
V ups

Tabata two rounds
Frogger burpees
Skull crushers and diamond push up
Jump squats
Freddie mercuries

1 minute hollow body hold with weights

Lexington nine yr anniversary march 4 @ Riverbluff High
Charleston 3/11
Deka 3/26
Mount Mitchell 5/20
Prayers for Cess and colleague
Prayers for Leverett family

When you live with intentionality you wake up anticipating that you will positively influence the lives of others.

Rather than see opportunities let’s seize the opportunities to add value to others.

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