• When: 10/20/2015
  • QIC: Huffy
  • The PAX: Drive By, Paperboy, Costanza, Subprime, Promo, Bromo, Beta Max, Seeker, Boris, Tri Lamb, Cesspool, Traitor, Big Worm, Beads, Fannie, Insanity

Rucks Not Required

17 Men woke this morning to the cool air and the fresh new beginning of the 4th year of F3 Columbia. Many of the men here have been around for the first 3 years. Some have just started their journey with F3. All will be better men as a result of the other men at this workout.

The Thang

LAC x 10 Forwards and backwards
Calf Raises x 10
Merkins x 10
Squats X 10
Repeat x 3

Mosey to EDP and Grab Blocks if you don’t have a ruck.
Curls x10 IC
Squat to Press x 10
Swings x 10
Rows x10
Repeat x 3

Sit Up x 10
Bench Press x 10
Flutter Kicks x 10
Merkins x 10
Repeat x 3

Step Ups x 10
Dips x10
Decline merkins x10
Repeat x 3

Mosey Back
High Plank Low Plank
4ct x 30 Russian Twists
4ct. x 10 Flutter Kicks
4ct x 30 LBCs
4ct. x 10 Flutter Kicks
4ct x 30 Chaser LBC
4ct. x 10 Flutter Kicks
4ct x 30 Freddie Mercury

-Thanks to the brothers that brought their rucks. I’m doing the pathfinder training program for the GORUCK Heavy so you’ll have to put up with my ruck for a while.
-The 3 year anniversary sort of surprised everyone in Columbia, but I’m glad I got to Q the workout today. It’s always a pleasure to lead this great group of guys.
-Subby had some good reflections on the first 3 years and the impact F3 is having on the community. Here is the link to the post from our brother in Greenwood Don’t Thank Greenwood and @FANeighbors Tweet