• When: 09/26/15
  • QIC: Senator and Temple Boy
  • The PAX: Honey Do, Gepetto, Reefer, Hatter, Water Boy, Big Sky, FMJ, Cheesesteak, Floater, Purple Pony, Aquaman, Valdez, Hamm, Temple Boy, Senator

North East Convergence

15 PAX posted for the Inaugural Convergence b/w the North East AOs of Sawmill and Sandlot. 15 PAX b/w the two AOs converged in the misty gloom of Sandlot. Some looking a little anxious to see what the Sandlot crew had in store.  YHC and Temple Boy were on the Q, and ready to represent Sandlot in this 1st of many to come convergences.

Disclaimer given.

Mosey through the parking lot, over to the back parking lot, near the tennis courts, and circle up


SSH x 35IC

Imperial Walker x 20 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Flutter Kicks w/ Hello Dolly and 6″ hold x 20 IC

Arm Circle, Overhead press/clap Medly x 80 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Big Boys x 20 OYO

Squats x 15 IC

Jog over to Hot Tub Hill, and form up at bottom of hill

Partner up to complete the following as a team:

60 Burpees

120 Big Boys

180 Merkins

240 Squats

P1 will perform AMRAP of exercise, while P2 runs to top of Hot Tub Hill and back, flip flop with P1, until all exercises are completed.

Mosey back across street, form up in parking lot by tennis courts

Football drills.  Complete each drill AMRAP 3 min.

Drill 1:

High Knees with pretend tires, finish with 15 Merkins

Drill 2:

Linebacker drills with 20 Big Boys

Drill 3:

Ski Jumps with 5 Burpees

Jog back to flag for final COP

6 Min of MARY

Freedom Twits x 20 IC

Big Boys x 20 OYO

Flutter Kicks/Hello Dolly/Up Down 6″ Hold x 60 IC



Looking for a forth team member to form a complete team for the upcoming Mud Run in October.  Get with Reefer or Valdez from Sawmill, if you are interested.  Mud Run is an awesome event.  Not only for the fitness aspect, but more for fellow ship.  It’s awesome to see the participation from all the different AOs from across the state. Give it a try, if you haven’t done one before.

Palmetto 200 Team has been filled for the NE.  PAX are a combination b/w Sandlot and Sawmill.  Continue to check email for updates.  Contact Senator or Reefer for info or if you are interested.  Just b/c we have a full team of 12 now, doesn’t mean that we will come March.  We will always need people who are willing to be a back up, or if we get enough people together, we can always have 2 teams from the NE!


The NE Convergence was a hit!  It was nice to have the two AOs together and get to know one another.  Let’s see how large we can make this thing.  15 PAX wasn’t a bad number.  But I’d love to see us get over 20 next month.  Next month will be at Sawmill on the 31st!  Mark your calendars, and make it a point to be at this event.  Remember how much we all need F3. So many FNGs recently have told me after a workout, that they need this!  Let’s not forget how much even us seasoned vets of F3 still need it too.  Don’t get comfortable. I have to remind myself this constantly.  It’s an ongoing battle for me to push myself beyond my comfort zone.  Let’s all continue to push each other, and support each other along the way!  Keep up the great work.  I love seeing the expansion in the NE, and the impact we are having on those who Post!

Keep posting, and see you in the gloom!















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