• When: 10/03/15
  • QIC: Silver Bullet
  • The PAX: Love Seat, Low Dot, Holy Poker, Rest Stop

Joaquin at the Woodshed

The workout today started in the rain, lasted through the rain, and ended in the rain.  Five Pax braved the weather.  We measured it: 54 degrees and 1/4 inch of waterfall over the hour.

Warm up jog to the front of the school.  Warm up under the front entrance cover.  SSH (20); 10-count push ups (5); calf raises (20); arm circles (forward/backward x20).

Amble to pick up blocks, back to the front of the school.  Curls with blocks (20); bench press with blocks (20); iron cross (20) holding blocks.

Amble to the circus.  The next series is in circles.  While one person suitcase carries two blocks, the rest of the PAX does exercises and then sprints to catch up with person one.  Rotate the suitcase carry.  Switch exercises after each full lap at the Circus (going around Indy direction).  Rest in between with planks.  Exercise #1: 10 merkins + 1 burpie.  Exercise #2: 6 squats + 1 burpie.  Exercise #3: 6 lunge walk steps # 1 burpie.  Exercise #4: air chair for 10 seconds + 1 burpie.  Exercise #5: 6 dry docks + 1 burpie.

40 second plank for a cool down.  Amble to front of school.  Curls (15); worst block push ups (both hands on block, left hand on block, right hand on block= 1) x5; sit ups with fee in blocks (20).  Amble to replace blocks, while holding block above head along the way.

Return to front of school.  The Hannah (People’s chair  while spelling out the alphabet).  Amble to the side of the circus.

Boat & Bailing Canoe; Freddie Mercury (20); Hello Dolly (20).  Amble to the base of the Circus.

Hold 6″ while explaining that the next exercise is flutter kicks, since it looks like we are swim kicking.  Flutter kicks (25).  Merkins (5) + 1 burpie.  Then COT.

Announcements: Today is the last day to sign up for the Mud Run.  Sign up for the Palmetto 200.  Prayers for everyone and wishing that everyone stays safe through Joaquin.

Check Twitter for the photograph of the PAX today.


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