• When: 08/08/2015
  • QIC: Rosinbagger
  • The PAX: Rossenbagger, Polo, Stent, Morehead, Spread, Furlough, Snowbird, and LeVar

Hazing Beatdown

8 Pax posted to Swampfox for a beatdown reminiscent of hazing. Great work, intensity, and focus by all.

Conditions: 75 and Perfect

The Thang:

Jog to end of parking lot
25 SSH
15 Merkins
25 squats

Jog to corner of building
Bear crawl 30 yards then sprint to corner of property
Air chair for 1 minute

Suicide sprint to next corner
15 Merkins

Suicide sprint to benches
Lunges with back foot elevated 25 each
Air chair for 1 minute

Suicide sprint to tree of life
2 minutes of hills

Split into groups
Group 1 bear crawl to wall and back u Gil group 2 finishes.
Group 2 push-up position with back feet on bench. Walk hands all the way around the tree until return to original position.

Bear crawl to wall
Wall sit for 2 mins

Jog to hamburger hill
Up and down 1x
Up down 2x

Flutter kicks x 75
Russian Twist x 25

Up down 1x
Up down 2x

Jog back to parking lot

Start on 1 side. Bear crawl 30 yards, sprint remaining length.

Merkins x 15
Arm Raises x 25
Rinse and repeat x1

Bear crawl 30 yards, sprint back to COT

Flutter kicks OYO for 2 minutes.

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