• When: 07/31/15
  • QIC: Odyssey
  • The PAX: Kenny G, Beacon, Tonto, Belding, Holy Poker, Pipeline, Wingback, Pondo, Ziffel, Odyssey, Sister Wife, Co-Pay, Skirt, Serena.

Friday’s LSD Stumble

An impressive 9 PAX showed-up for the early XXL 4:30 edition of Stumble for 6.5 mile tour of the GIlls Creek area, while adding an additional 5 PAX for 5.5 miles at our regular 5:30 start time. A total of 14 PAX makes a new Stumble attendance record (#BRRCalling), 5 PAX completed both legs! These guys are getting quick and strong!

4:30 Route (YHC Q): R Olde Knight, L Chambly, R Wormwood, L Byron to Veterans, L Garners Ferry, R Cross Hill, L Beltline, L Rosewood, R Gills Creek, L Pelham, R Garners Ferry, R Old Woodlands, L Macon, L Galway, L Olde Knight back to AO to pickup 5:30 PAX.

5:30 Route (Odyssey Q): L Olde Knight, R Chambly, L Queensway, R Old Woodlands, R Garners Ferry, Cut across Cedar Terrace Shopping Center, L True Street, R Old Davidson through tunnels under I77, L Windwan, L Hampton Springs (down street and back to pickup .5 mi), enter Yorkshire neighborhood on Wilshire Drive, R Yorkshire, L Garden Springs, L Towhee, L Windwan back through tunnels and reverse route.

B.O.M. (Holy Poker ’cause YHC got lost and ended up on Leesburg-there was extra S in my LSD this morning-couldn’t keep up with the herd!).

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