• When: 11/14/2015
  • QIC: Uncle / Freeloader
  • The PAX: F3 Nation, M's, and Friends

F3/CSAUP — #ThunderRoadTime

Not fully satisfied from BRR? Want revenge? Having trouble with post-CSAUP #repat and need another carrot to chase? Well…..ThunderRoad is coming up sooner than you think, it’s on 11/14. Plenty of time to commit and then crush your last CSAUP before Thanksgiving.

If you do not know, it’s a road running race with half or full distances launching out of Uptown Charlotte. That may not matter to other regions outside of F3 Metro, NoCo, and Area51…however, this event makes a great travel race for you other outlying F3 regions. Historically, though it may not receive as much hype as BRR, MudRun, or GoRuck it’s hard to argue it not being the most exciting CSAUP for F3 Metro and all of F3 Nation a short time ago. For some perspective, we had a huge number of PAX run the race 3 years ago highlight by Dredd’s infamous run/walk a no-train Marathon where he failed miserably to pass the #OprahThreshold of 4:29. He would get his redemption on the TR Full in a big way a year later in 2013 where we had record turnouts for the Marathon and Half-Marathon. In fact, F3 Nation was the fastest and largest team in 2013. Our times were helped greatly because @MaterialGirl won the whole race! In 2014, again we saw a ton of guys PR the half and some others like Gandalf knock out their first full marathon.

I mention some of this because for those newer guys in F3 that have never really considered running a half or full because they didn’t think they were runners. That is false! Sign up and jump in line with the train of PAX that is going to be running this thing. You won’t regret the accomplishment on November 14th when the city is lit up with excitement over the event and you run faster and farther than you had previously.

In 2015, it’s preferred that all PAX and M’s sign up under the F3/Nation team for a few reasons. For one, this is probably the last event where this will be possible. The centrality of F3 Nation is quickly fading and as you know the regional structures have taken over. This will be a great opportunity to unite in the city where F3 started and have a big event under one umbrella. Largest and Fastest team metrics are being scored by ThunderRoad so there is that too….

Good reading material —

Uncle and Freeloader from the BRR team Lean (#champs) are your Q’s. Not too much info to give you, for now just providing all the sign-up information (Sign-Up under team F3 Nation), logistics, and training options.

Sign-up info:

ThunderRoad Website — http://www.runcharlotte.com/

Registration Link — http://www.runcharlotte.com/registration/register/

  1. Discount Code — F32 – 10% off all distances
  2. Sign-Up under team F3 Nation
  3. Registration questions? Talk to Freeloader!

Training —

F3 Metro

  • Long Slow Distance (LSD) Runs
    • Ritchie Run – 615 @ Freedom Park Train – 11.8 Mile Course
    • Wagon Wheel – Varying Distances. Details coming soon on start date/time.
  • SIB – Tuesday – 515 @ AG
  • Sweet6 – Thursday 0510/0520/0530 @ Christ Church Lot
  • 8@Hate – Friday 515/530 @ Goldman Lot on Queens/Providence

Other regions interested please send schedule.

More info to come on logistics and race-prep for those inexperienced or are running full for first time. Most importantly at this point is to HC —–> Sign Up For ThunderRoad

0 thoughts on “F3/CSAUP — #ThunderRoadTime”

  1. What if your already signed up for the TR under my personal information? I assume there might be a way to edit my profile to be under the F3 umbrella? Thanks!

  2. I am in for this nonsense. Cindy has asked me to join his 9 man team to take down **#Lean in the 2016 BRR …. so I need to get a bit faster.

    Peace be with you,

    1. I got 99 problems and a ** is not one.. Been wearing my #BRRChampRobe all week, but that’s already in the books. Hope you two speedsters are ready for this one..

  3. Signed up for full early on without team – not sure if you want me moved over based on my times! And 3 weeks after Columbia Gorge Full – #tapering.

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