• When: 09/15/15
  • QIC: Misfire
  • The PAX: Stretch, Backdraft, Pipeline, Pondo, Silver Bullet, Improv, Landline, Flay, Backhoe, Dry Heave, Fro Yo, Pi, Landshark, Chewy, Green Tree, Happy Trees, Loveseat, Low Dot, Side Saddle, Llama, Bubs

Bringing the #Hammer to #TheShed

22 PAX took to the gloom for their #DRP and for YHC’s 1st Q at Woodshed.  It was only my 2nd visit so I still have a lot to learn about the PAX and the AO, but I really like what I have seen and experienced so far.  From afar we all have much respect to the regular large numbers and constant growth at The Shed.  Also, the facilities are endless so their are great opportunities for all kinds of work here.

The PAX didn’t disappoint with their effort this morning.  I didn’t hear too much complaining so they must have been good with the plan (or they were trying to be nice during my AO VQ)!

Weather – 56 degrees, 86% humidity, excellent

The Thang

Fast run out of COT parking lot down Olde Knight Pkwy out to Old Woodlands Rd then back up Olde Knight to parking lot – ~.8 mi total at a good clip

Stop 4 times briefly along the run for 12 burpees OYO each time, total 48 burpees

Mosey from parking lot down to park playground

2 more burpees OYO to get to 50 total burpees

Partner up

Each partner does 25 pull-ups and 50 iron cross, splitting work into reps of 5 pull-ups and 10 iron cross consecutively with no rest until the totals are completed, partners then run playground loop together (in the very, very dark gloom), plank while waiting on the 6

Rinse and repeat to get to each partner doing 50 pull-ups and 100 iron cross and 2 loops, guessing those 2 loops totaled ~ 1/3 mi, plank while waiting on the 6

Each partner does 50 dips and 50 jump squats, splitting work into reps of 10 dips and 10 jump squats consecutively with no rest until the totals are completed

100 partner merkins – each parter does 50 merkins each while holding high plank while other partner does his reps, keeping your body off the ground until all the work is completed, #crowdpleaser

Mosey up hill to Circus Maximus at Meadowfield for 8 min AMRAP circuit

1 partner on each side of loop (L side and R side), all line up at start line on each side, L side group does 10 flutter kicks (count 1 side) then sprints to end of loop and does 10 LBCs, R side group does 10 Russian twists (count 1 side) then sprints to end of loop and does 10 LBCs, partners switch sides and do 10 LBCs with R side sprinting back to start line and doing 10 Russian twists and L side sprinting back to start line and doing 10 flutter kicks,

Continue AMRAP 8 minutes, all PAX completed 2 full sets of work, sprinting ~.4 mi

Finish strong with 2 min AMRAP big boy sit-ups


Get sidetracked with Chit Chat then remember to do Nameorama (T-claps to Silver Bullet for keeping us on track)


Wed happy hour, Thurs lunch, GritIron – new workout here Mon 5:30AM, Papercut in charge, combo kettle bells and agility drills, Papercut also leading book study on Phillipians on Tues 6PM at Eastminster Pres, BRR Stumble 12 man team did well, right under 30 hrs, F3 well represented, Ramble 9 man team killed it, about 50 F3 teams total, Meadowfield School yard work day this Sat 8:30AM – 1PM per Backhoe

BOM Prayer by Misfire

Devotional by Pondo

Discussed the story in John’s gospel of Doubting Thomas, which highlights the challenge/value/requirement of faith in Christianity and Jesus’ love for us regardless of the strength of our faith



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