• When: 04/08/2017
  • QIC: Short Circuit
  • The PAX: Cornwallis, Abby Wambach, Stats, Abacus, Mayhem, Big Load, Sacajawea, Weed, Neon, Coug (Welcome Back!), Flight Risk, Short Circuit

Masters Outing

Conditions:              Not Spring-Like! (38 Degrees)Drawing inspiration from his Thursday trek to the Masters, YHC designed a routine modeled after 9 holes of golf.  Whispers of “what really happened to DJ” permeated the chilly morning air.  Many suspected Paulina was to blame.  Regardless, our tee time was 7:00 am sharp and we are never late for our tee time.DisclaimerWarm-o-ramaRun ½ way around park and then stop for warm-up COP(Flight Risk arrives after hitting the snooze button one too many times.) SSH                X   20
Squats            X   15
Merkins          X    10
Flutter Kicks   X    25AMRAP for 5 minutes.F3 Golf – Partner Up – P1 & P2 combine to complete each hole.                            ParHole #1  –               Run to Synagogue            –               Merkins                 X              80Hole # 2 –               Run to Elementary School   –           Squats                    X              100Hole #3  –               Run to Hampton Park       –               Big Boy Sit-Ups      X              60Hole #4  –               Run to Church Wall            –               Derkins                  X              60Hole #5  –               Run to School Playground –               Plank Jacks            X              80Hole #6  –               Vacant Lot on Fair            –               LBCs                        X              120Hole #7  –               Tennis Courts at Rectory     –          Diamond Merkins       X             60Hole #8  –               Rectory & Lyttleton                             – Flutter Kicks          X              120Hole #9  –               Center Park Fountain                          Dips                        X              609 Holes seemed to be enough golf for the day for this group of hackers. Retrieve Blocks for a session with “Fat Amy”Weighted Squats  X               50
Burpees                X               10
Big Boy Sit-ups     X               40
Burpees                X               10
Merkins                 X               30
Burpees                 X              10
Block Swings         X              20
Burpees                 X              10
Wipers                   X              20
Burpees                 X              10Return BlocksReturn to Flag for Count-O-Ramma, COT, & BOM (Continue to pray for the Warnock Family and the loss of their son.)MoleskinThis was YHCs second opportunity to Q and the PAX has made excellent progress.  4 months ago, the PAX would have been begging to play from the ladies tees, but today was no day for red tees or pink balls.Announcements:Cornwallis, sadly, announced that Coff-a-teria will no longer be available at Debruhls as they will no longer serve breakfast.  AO will take suggestions from the PAX and will ultimately make a determination for new coff-a-teria prior to Saturday’s workout. (Current suggestions – BSL & Bojangles)

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