• When: 2020-12-17
  • QIC: Buttermaker
  • The PAX: Simon Says, Darpa, Pick Axe, Wapner, Buttermaker (R)


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38* w/ 10 mph NW wind

Disclaimer/ prayer

Circle up- each exercise below is 15 IC:


Motivators X 5 (We did do these Booster)

Mosey around parking lot and back to breeze way toward front door of school. Next we chose an item to advance to a target that was placed at the end of the sidewalk toward Midway Rd. First round a frisbee was thrown. Pax ran to frisbee and completed (1) burpee and continued the throws and burpee until target was hit. At target, one pax jump rope X 10 while rest of pax planked. We then threw the frisbee back toward the front door of the school, completing 1 burpee after each throw until hitting the target. The target near the front door had a velcro board with numbers. One pax threw a velcro ball (not Buttermaker’s balls) at the target. Whatever number the ball stuck on, all pax completed that number of reps of exercises listed on the box. If the velcro ball fell to the ground, all pax completed 3 manmakers (first round was manmakers). Pax bear crawled to end of breeze way to start next round. Second round, we rinsed and repeated the above throwing at the target with a nerf football (3 squats after each throw) and a different pax completing the jump rope X 10. Velcro toss was 10 squats. Third round, R & R with basketball (chest passes in the dark was a challenge) all pax took turns while sliding feet to target and back. If ball was dropped, 1 burpee. Jump rope/ return to front door…velcro ball- 20 LBC. Rounds 4 & 5 were frisbee and nerf. velcro ball- 60 overhead claps & 70 SSH. We have some extra time to throw the velcro ball again…10 jump squats & 20 lunges each leg.

Countarama & Namearama. Announcements: Mission Lex needs: women’s socks & underwear. Prayer requests: Notebook, No Show, Training Wheels & YHC’s Uncle Mark waiting on Pet scan results.

Prayer by Wapner

Devo: For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior which is Christ the Lord.- Luke 2:11

For many people this is their favorite time of year. Not just for the food or gifts, but because it’s the birth month. Of course, we should all remember the reason for the season is Jesus’ birthday. Remind others!

Moleskin: YHC attended a high school basketball game on Tuesday and one of the coaches was YHC’s middle school PE teacher (Irmo- Whipple). So, there is where the PE day came from. No lockers or tight gym shorts were needed for this workout.

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