• When: 2021-07-06
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Squid (from Kannapolis, good to see you brother), Shankopotamus, Belding, Wilson, Happy Trees

Independence Action

No Q was truly needed this morning, just a PAX herder. It wasn’t too difficult of a job with only 5 PAX, with the exception of Shankopotamus who is always hard to wrangle. The WO was posted somewhere by F3, and Belding’s late night twitter habits caught up with us since he saw it and put a picture of  it in the DM. Great job B! The WO was called Stars and Stripes. It was a fun one.

Conditions: Balmy and Free

Disclaimer. Prayer

Mosey to blockpile: One block, two bricks, 
Mosey to track for COP: TTT x15IC, LBAC F&R x15IC, Windwill x10IC, Imperial Walkers x 10IC, SSH x20IC

The Thang:
Stars and Stripes WO
 Round one
     50 Merkins-13 Pullups
     50 BBSU-13 Squat Jumps
     50 Lunges-13 side plank dips (both sides x13)
     50 Mountain Climbers -13 Burpees
     50 Chest Press-13 Single leg deadlift with two bricks
     50 Tricep Dips-13 Carolina Dry Dock
     50 Flutter Kicks
1 Lap around track, start round two. Reverse order and half the reps. We did 7 for the 13 rep exercises. Completed both rounds. Great Job Men!

Mosey to flag with time for 4 min of Mary. Thank you Squid for introducing us to MIKE TYSON!

Count O rama, Name O rama


Announcements: voting july 20th for school board, Belding gained Respect!
Prayer Request: Mike McGee’s family


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