• When: 2021-06-11
  • QIC: Dunphy
  • The PAX: Cheers, Hemmingway, Floppy Disk, Soaker, Knozit (R), Rock Drop (R), Argyle, Shake-N-Bake (R), Voltron (R), Forest, Bulldog, DOT, ToughGuy, Socrates (R), Double Fault, YellowCake, Duff, Brick, KenDoll, Ranger (R), Buzzsaw (R), AltarBoy, BreakfastClub, PickAxe, Dunphy (Respect)

BlameDunphy Storms the IceHouse

YHC was so excited for the start of the Midlands Tour at Urban Legend. 25 Pax did the crazy thing of posting at a #BlameDunphy workout. Ranger’s bed head was present when I heard him call out the 1 minute warning. The mumble chatter was going to be strong this morning. YESSSS! It was great seeing the Midlands Tour pax again. YHC wore my plate carrier for the STORMING of the ICE HOUSE ( no insurrection happened, just some old guys huffing up the stadium). On the mosey over, the pax paid respect to the Fallen at the Memorials in the area. Nothing more American than doing MERKINS at the memorials. YHC job this morning was to keep the pax safe and not get hit on the way to the IceHouse and back. Hope the pax got a good workout because it looked good on paper and much worse in person. No Dunphy workout would have been complete without the tunnel of love on the stadium steps. Nothing like crawling under a bunch of dudes dripping sweat on you and possibly some man-touching (neither confirm nor deny). KenDoll and a few pax escaped the tunnel love since we had to mosey back to the flag. YHC is grateful for this great country and to the men and women who sacrificed themselves for it. Strong work by all! Summer is HERE!

Conditions: 72 and MOIST

Mosey to the Top Parking Pad
LBAC 10 Forward 10 Backwards
Over Head Hand Clap 20 IC
Happy Hill Billy 15 IC
Ranger and KenDoll already modifying.

Mosey towards Ice House Stage. A few stops on the way to give RESPECT to the FALLEN.
Fallen LEO – 20 Merkins
WWII Memorial – 20 Merkins

Storm the Ice House
5 burpees at the bottom, 5 burpees at the top

Warm Up- Step Up the Stadium
Set 1: 1 merkin step one, ADD one to every step

Set 2 – Incline Merkin
Set 3 – BBSU
Set 4 – Squat Jumps or Jump Squats Merkin

Down the stairs, PLANK for the 6,

Tunnel of Love – IceHouse Style
Pax crawls through up to the next level, Starts new tunnel at next level, Continue until Q calls it.

Return Trip
Cash OUT
9/11 memorial – 20 Merkins

Prayers: Notebook, No Show, Slim Jim, DOT’s coworker passed away.
Stomp the Swamp
Shake-n-Bake Camp Kemo / Ds Wings raised $25,000 #HIM

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” Luke 12:48

God’s expectations of us depend on how much he has given us. In Jesus’ parable of the talents, the one who received 10 talents was expected to produce more than the servants who received 5 or even just 1 talent. We Americans are the most privileged people on earth. Since most of us have been blessed bountifully, God expects us to serve and give bountifully.

Prayer: Gracious God, you have showered us with blessings. We know that with those blessings comes a responsibility to make those blessings serve you. Amen.
(From Mt Horeb UMC Daily Prayer)

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