• When: 2021-12-07
  • The PAX: Lego, Dunphy, Hash & Rice, Coon Dog, Garth, Ram Rod, Soaker, Gills, Dr. Lovin, Brick, Runaway

A FUEL Type Workout Visits Shawshank

WEATHER: Windy 50 Degrees

Disclaimer and Prayer


Mosey to large soccer Field.


Frankensteins toward the sideline.  turn around and for Buttkicks to center of field. Team up in groups of 3.  #1 Pax and sideline and #2 & #3 Pax at other sideline.

Pax #2 sprints to sideline.  Pax #1 sprints to opposite sideline. Pax #3 sprints back.  While you are waiting, 3 Burpees on one sideline, 10 merkins on other sideline.

Due to the overwhelming excitement and appreciation for betterment, we did this until time was called.

Mosey back to shovel flag, just in time for 20 Buzzsaws, and Recover. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Shawshank Party at Ramrod’s house 4:00.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, Hash & Rice may or may not have any oysters left for you.

Thank you to all who rang the Bell last weekend for Salvation Army.

Thank you for all who donated money for FHF.

Slots available for P200.  See Coon Dog.

Slots available for 2022 Spartan Races.  See Lego


Garth and Family

Hash & Rice’s SIL with a stroke

Runaway – had a motorcycle accident, wife’s grandfather passed away, and Mom had bypass surgery all within 3 days.

Dunphy’s Neighbor / friend

Lego’s Dad

Teachers, students and Resource officers in our schools 


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