• When: 2019-09-03
  • QIC: IPC week 1
  • The PAX: Ebert, Emmy, Katniss, Tinkle, Dead Stick (R), Scribble, Brainiac

Wu-Tang (Killer B’s)

7 PAX arrived some eager, some not so eager and some clueless about today’s shenanigans. A quick run down of Iron PAX challenge week 1 workout was relayed to the PAX. Work was done!! For the record Bonnie Blairs are terrible!

Conditions: 70

Prayer- In a rush we forgot to start out with prayer

Pledge– Forgot this too! It was done at the end!

Quick warm up:

IW x 10 IC

TTT x 10 IC

Windmill X 10 IC

LBAC F and B X 10 IC

SSH x 21 IC (for some reason Katniss kept going)

The Thang:

IPC Week 1 – Killer B’s

5 rounds for time

Start on goal line –

-Broad jump 10 yards

-10 Burpees

-10 Bonnie Blairs

-10 Big Boy Sit Ups

-Broad Jump 10 yards

-10 Burpees

-10 Bonnie Blairs

-10 BBSU

-Broad Jump 10 yards

-10 Burpees

-10 Bonnie Blairs

-10 BBSU

-Bear Crawl 30 yards back to the goal line

Rinse and repeat 5 times

Thats 150 of everything above!!!

Count o Rama- running late so this was skipped

Name o Rama- this too!




We need some Q’s!

BRR this weekend

Dam to Dam Relay

Prayer Requests:



Dead stick’s upcoming surgery

Safety for those competing in the BRR