• When: 01/11/2020
  • QIC: TBA
  • The PAX: Err body

#theherd migrating to an AOQ near you

A new year has come to us and with it comes a new outlook, a new attitude and promises to do new things.

#theherd will be doing something new this year. In a natural/wildlife point of view it is unhealthy and unnatural for a herd or flock to remain in one place for an extended time. A Herd naturally migrates to food sources, water sources and for other reasons.  #theherd at the friendly confines of @F3Jumanji is no different.  On the second Saturday of each month we will migrate to a different F3 Lexington Saturday boot camp AO. This will be referred to as “Mystery Migration” and will be an effort to see our F3 brothers more than just at a New Years Day convergence. “Mystery Migration” is just that. A mystery. Only #theherd will know the destination and you will not know until we show up on a Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you all in the gloom very soon.

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