• When: 2020-02-27
  • The PAX: Cheers, Coon Dog, 5-play, Bonzi, 7-11, Head Gear, Squatter, Ken Doll, Dunphy (R), Lizard Man, Utah (R), Nick, Forest, Lego, Gun Smoke (FNG)

Last Dance With Arena

Before we get started, YHC wants to take a moment to say thank you to the men of Arena and specifically 7-11.  He came to YHC during church on day with a novel idea.  Combine workouts and go back and forth between Arena and Shawshank for one month.  It was a phenomenal opportunity  to get to know some guys that I only knew from Twitter or not at all.  Also a great time to experience new Qs and get some new ideas.  Overall it was a great time and I really enjoyed experience.  You guys at Arena – don’t be a stranger, come see Shawshank anytime.

WEATHER:  35 degrees and windy


Mosey to the field and get your favorite block.  Mosey back to the bridge where a white board was waiting on the PAX.  YHC Skipped the COT.  There was an accusation of YHC wanting to avoid screwing up the cadence which may or may not be true.  The spelling on the white board was corrected in order to write the back blast.

Each round has two exercises with 3 sets. All exercises are done with your block.  Each set has less number of reps as you get more and more tired.  After the third set, run the Slammer sidewalk loop, and come back for next round of exercises.

Round One – Block Squats and Push Press  – Set reps 20/15/10

Run the loop

Round Two – Thrusters and Block Drag Merkins – Set Reps 15/10/5

Run The Loop

Round Three – Shoulder to Shoulder Press and Overhead Lunge  – Set reps 20/15/10

Run the loop

Round Four – Kettle Block Swings and Jump Burpees – Set Reps 15/10/5

Run The Loop

Return Blocks and mosey back to shelter

FNG showed up for last 5 minutes.  We refrained form naming him something that reflected his timeliness.

20 Box Jumps

20 Decline Merkins

20 Dips (Doo-Dahs)

20 incline Merkins

10 Box Jumps


6 year Anniversary at RBHS 6:30

P200 is soon

SAFE Lexington Week of May 11

Gauntlet Week April 13

Service Opportunity at Providence Elementary to read to kids.  DM 7-11 for details


Lego’s boss’s father passed away

Lego’s Friend had Quadruple Bypass surgery

Hash N Rice’s Grandmother passed away

Tarjay’s shoulder Surgery


FNG -McArthur Mustipher 21 years in Air Force in Mechanic >>Maverick >> hobbies are flying and Guns >> Pew Pew >> Gun Smoke (Dunphy was jealous)


Proverbs 27:17.  Everyone in F3 is familiar with The “Iron Sharpens Iron” verse.  The Bible verse is talking about a Godly man sharpening another man to live a more Godly life.  This is certainly true, but there are a lot of things that can “Sharpen” another man.  Negativity Sharpens, Hate sharpens, Pessimism and cynicism sharpens.  The reality is that every action we do and word we say can affect or “sharpen” another.  So let us be conscious of what we say and do so that we can always be found sharpening our brothers in a positive direction.

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