• When: 04-11-19
  • QIC: Inuit
  • The PAX: Columbo, Part Time, Alter Boy, Dropped Call, Pondo.

Jumanji 4-11-19

6 Pax beat the fartsack to get better this morning, the workout went something like this.

Warmup: Jog around parking lot, buttkicks, high knees and karaoke, then 5 merkins OYO at speed bumps, Continued to Dumpster hill with squats along the way.

The Thang: Triple Nickle on Dumpster Hill ( 5 raise the roofs at the bottom & 5 burpees at the top, Rinse and repeat x 3.

Mosey to school drop off area; pair up. P1 starts to lung walk to dermind spot P2 exercises & flap jack.  Something like this. Incline Merkins, LBCs, Imperial Walkers, Decline Merkins, Alternating Step ups, BBSU, Racoon Walk.

Mosey to brick pile; Pax choose block or 2 bricks, Curls 4 girls, overhead press, triceps extensions, bent over rows. gobblet squats, all x 10


Ray Charles x 15, Hello Dolly x 15, Freddy Merc x 10, LBCs x 15

COT: Closed out with announcements and Prayer.