• When: 2017-10-05
  • QIC: Track Hoe
  • The PAX: Meter, Hermes, Pig Pen, Squatter, Penny Worth, Paper Jam, Shine, Track Hoe

Fun with Blocks @ Ambush

YHC brought a Non-Running workout to the PAX at Ambush, here’s what went down from the Electronic Winkie.

 Mosey to Ambush Alley

SSH x15

LBAC F&R while walking between light poles

Squat x15

Imperial Walkers to the next light pole

Merkins x15

Lunge to next light pole

Burpee’s x10

PU Block

Back to the light pole I think we get the drift with the light poles. Activity at each pole with Fun in-between.

OH Press x15

OH carry

Flutter Kicks x15

Gorilla walk

Tri Ext x20


KB swing x15

OH Carry

Curl4Gurl x15

OH Carry

Merkins x15

OH Carry

Burpee’s x10

Speed walk to save time

OH press x15

Shoulder carry to plot

Squat x15

To the loading dock


Block to dock x10

Iron Cross x15

Start heading back

BBSU x15

OH Carry

OH Press x15

Speed up skip a few poles

Mountain Climber x20

OH Carry

Merkins x15

OH Carry

OH Press x15 to wrap it up

Return blocks and slowsy to the flag


Good mumble chatter from the PAX today. We clarified which light poles were “lit” and on the alley. Centralized around Paper Jams healthy visits to the John(seems to be a regular topic at Ambush). Also our brother from Carpex had his never ending supply list of needs: Band-Aids(cut)/Sewing Kit(ripped)/Ice(swole) Couldn’t note them all.

Prayer Requests:

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