• When: 2017-10-05
  • QIC: Corndog
  • The PAX: Heist, Copay, JarJar, Amphibious, Barium, Minion, Corndog

Corndog’s Revenge

2 brutal Qs last week and Heist tapering for RAGNAR so it’s probably a good time to have a nice easy Q to let the body recover right? Nah. It’s the near death experience of Legion that solidified YHC in F3.  YHC was half in/ half out for a few years before Legion. Now YHC never misses the opportunity; so on my 2nd Q we were gonna have the full hour of pain we expect from a Legion Q.
We’ve learned it takes a certain type of crazy to be a #Legionnaire. A lot of men don’t have it, but those that find that crazy within them will settle for nothing less.

Conditions: 61 Degrees – conditions are perfect, it’s business time.

4 Corner Mosey (1/2 mile total)

  • 1st Corner
    • 25 SSH – IC
    • 20 Squat/Walkout to Plank/Pushup (have to think of a name for these) OYO
  • 2nd Corner
    • 25 SSH – IC
    • 25 Mountain Climbers – IC
  • 3rd Corner
    • 25 SSH – IC
    • Little Baby Arm Circles – IC
      • 25 forward
      • 25 backward
    • Big Arm Circles – IC
      • 25 forward
      • 25 backward
  • 4th Corner
    • 25 SSH – IC
    • Defensive Slides (a Corndog specialty) up/down the hill 2X

Lower Body Circuit (to CrabDaddy’s house)

  • 10 Walking Lunges/5 Broad Jumps/10 Sumo Squat Walkers
  • Repeat until you get to CrabDaddy’s house

Upper Body Circuit (Cinderblock time)

  • Curls for the Girls – AMRAP 1 Minute (20 sec. break)
  • Burpee Press with cinderblock – AMRAP 1 Minute (20 sec. break)
  • Traveling Merkins – AMRAP 1 Minute (20 sec. break)
  • Rinse and Repeat 3x
  • Blocks away mosey to Tennis Court

Ab Circuit

  • Criss-cross mountain climbers (e.g. left knee to right elbow) – AMRAP 1 minute (20 sec. break)
  • 30 Flutter kicks – IC (20 sec. break)
  • Plank Jacks – AMRAP 1 minute (20 sec. break)
  • 30 Iron Crosses – OYO (20 sec. break)
  • Rinse and repeat 3x

Mosey back to COP

COT and BOM-Corndog

Moleskin: YHC 2nd Q and it was even more fun than the first time leading a workout.  Great group of guys with some new additions in Barium and Amphibious.  7 strong for Legion (well 6 and a half with Heist tapering for RAGNAR tomorrow).


  • 5 year anniversary for F3 Columbia-Cannonball Run is 7AM on Oct 21st.       Tireflips/Pullups/Flutter kicks on the menu courtesy of Legion/Woodshed alliance
  • Big F3 showing at the RAGNAR. Heist representing Legion; YHC wishes he could make it.
  • John Flanagan (Cheech) 10k on November 11th; proceeds to his family so sign up now.
  • Continued prayers for Twinkle Toes and his family after the loss of Ashanti.
  • Prayers for all of the victims in Las Vegas.

Till next time brothers. Aye, Corndog