• When: 5/9/15

For Home of the Brave and Land of the Free

When the YHC signed up for this Q on May 9th, 2015 he had visions of what it would look like to honor those who served and are currently serving.  So he went to the mighty weinke and sent out  a few blasts on Twitter, “CALLING ALL ACTIVE DUTY/VETERANS/POLICE hoping that saying would come true, if you build it they will come.

The first thought that YHC had was the blood that was spilled on all the battlefields before.  All of the sudden, his heart became very heavy and his eyes welled up with tears.  Thinking about all of the SACRIFICE, that was given, and is still given as you read this.  The sacrifice as simple as being away from family for extended periods of time on deployment, to the ultimate sacrifice…death.  Then he thinks of the in between, and those who are currently dealing with issues from battle.  Suicide, Loss of limbs, loss of eye sight, loss of ….. well you fill in the blank.  At this point the YHC is in complete tears with his heart breaking knowing that whatever he does in life he COULD NEVER repay those brave souls.  Then this brings me to the FLAG.  THE FLAG because it means so much when he looks at it.  He sees red, white and blue, but just not red, white and blue but the most beautiful sight that seconds a newborn baby.  The red meaning hardness or courage, the white meaning purity and innocence, and the blue meaning vigilance, perseverance, Justice, and Respect (GOD).  Looking back to August 6, 1777 to the Battle of Oriskany, where this flag was first flown into battle.  Now to the current date where this beautiful flag is still flown into battle.  From flying over 13 colonies and 3 Million people ….. to ……. flying over 50 states and 250 Million people.  The YHC looks at this flag and its 50 stars and 13 stripes and so many emotions come over him.  All these emotions and thoughts that the YHC had came crashing down on him when explaining what the flag means to him and to our country this morning.  The PAX really understood when tears started welling in his eyes at 0615 on 5/9.

See ….. This F3 thing is not about YOU.. No one wins at F3, its bigger than that!  F3 is a platform for us Men to sharpen other Men and to PAY IT FORWARD.  F3 is not a place to come get a fill and make your wife happier when your shirt is off.  It is to change lives and to inspire others to grow in the fitness, fellowship and faith…..

The PAX showed up for a workout to hopefully loose some weight or add another bump on their stomach, or obliques but the YHC had way bigger plans than that…..

Weather:  Who cares ?


Disclaimer – This will not be your typical workout

Identify those who is Active Duty or Retired Service Member/Police

Explanation of Flag  and its significance from sacrifice


Those colors wave so gallantly and true.
The colors of freedom; red, white, and blue.
Those 13 stripes dance so bright.
Those 50 stars what meaningful sight.
All for one and one for all
That American Flag stands so tall
I stand so proud as tears fall from my eyes
And watch as my nation begins to rise.
The star spangled banner flows through my ears
My eyes fill up with big, blurred tears
I can see my freedom wave in the air
As all gather round from here and there
Red, white, and blue for all to see
For the home of the brave and the land of the free.


Each Member that was identified at the beginning will stand in the middle of the circle with the flag held high, identify their branch/rank/name/years of service.  The PAX will begin exercise and after each rep shout “Thank You.”


Frog Squats


Alpine Burpee

Dry Docks

“1,2,3.. Thank you!, 1,2,3 Thank you!…..1,2,3 Thank you!”

This process will continue until all service members are thanked for as properly as possible.


Once complete we will now enter the Special Forces War Game:  The details of the Mission is Highly Top Secret and require Level 100 Burpee Access.  To know what happened during “THE MISSION” you will need to capture and interrogate one of the PAX.  However, since this is a backblast their names are at the top.

At the end the YHC had the PAX in a circle for a final poem that embodies the meaning of the Flag.

My American Flag

The People of today
just rant and rave.
They burn my symbol of freedom,
I just want to grab and shake them.
They have no sense of pride,
For your beauty you never denied.

Like my brothers before me,
I have fought to keep your colors free.
With every battle that we had won,
you were there to show who was number one.
When our brothers had died,
you caressed their bodies with pride.

We have our leaders to thank,
for allowing these people their prank.
To them it may be a cloth of colors,
to me it stands for freedom and honor.
We must ask our leaders to debate,
and change our flags fate.

My American Flag this promise I give,
to hold you high and let you live.
My words to you are profound,
I’ll keep your colors off the ground.
I will guard and protect your stars and stripes,
with all my power, might and life.

Huge T-Claps to TNT for sharing what sacrifice meant to him and all those who have died to protect our freedoms that we lived with, grew up with, and loved very dearly that lived in Lexington.

The hearts of the PAX will be forever changed and their minds renewed of the sacrifice it took and currently takes for this country to be free.  We will AMERICA forever be in debt to you.  And to you OLD GLORY will will never let you down and will protect you will all of our power might and life.



Prayer Requests:

None mentioned, Unsaid


23 PAX


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