• When: 2019-04-25
  • QIC: Postal
  • The PAX: Bar crawl, Adluh, Rumblestrip, Mia, Giggity, Buble, Cream cheese, H4T, Wingbat, Tumnus, Blue Rhino, (there alps was an alleged patches sighting)

Detention jail break backblast

YHC was eager to return to familiar turf after being absent with the gauntlet, always good to be back at the ole schoolyard!

After the beat downs from the last two weeks, I decided to try for another burn down of a muscle group, these strong men seemed up for the challenge so we went ahead and powered through it! Here’s how today went down!

Constions: Muggy, 67

the thang:

welcome, Prayer, disclaimer.

mosey to backyard:

thanks to barcrawl for the speaker! Warmups

15 TTT IN cadence ( YHC personal favorite)

20 SSH in Cadence it was here that we noticed a lone figure making his way to our local… ole blue rhino 🦏 in all black sneaking into the gloom!

10 merkins oyo.

Mosey around track and jail break to principle, props to Tumnus and Wingbat for setting pace!

Start the tunes and hammer down!

At bottom, 10 pull-ups and 10 iron crosses.9,8,7,6…

at top 1 merkin, 1 bb sit-up 2,3,4,…

After numbers switched take a lap and jail break midway,

next round 10 squats, backwards run up hill, 5 burpees at top.

This one was fatigue at the start! Great work to these men! Saw several PAX catching up with the 6 great job!

We finished this heavy workout with a merkin till failure set and 4 hardcore sprints… we may or may not have seen some merlot being tossed this am🍷!

Overall it’s always a great time being with the men of Detention and I look forward to q’ing more at the ole schoolyard!


Moleskin: Announcements: F3 third f 5k Saturday! Run, or don’t but donate, or do both!