• When: 02/21/15
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Honey Bun, Focker, Chin Strap (almost forgot his name, it's like he was tired for some reason), Harp, Josh Harp (FNG - Erector), Notebook, Tate Chumley (FNG - Rocky Top), Lego, Hash and Rice, Donatello, No Help

11 pax see what goodies No Help brought to the Snake Pit

When YHC initially signed up to Q this workout he hadn’t planned on being up all night long, nor had he planned on rucking 20 miles finishing merely an hour before the workout started.  Both of those things happened, so that led to an epic double down opportunity (DD for Chin Strap as well).  He wasn’t sure how effective he would be during the Q, and even had thoughts of removing the stairs from the weinke.  Well once we got moving, YHC completely forgot about being a little tired and knew he had a workout to lead.  If you can’t Q it don’t do it, down went the Red Pill and off we went…down the stairs into the Snake Pit.

Weather: 30° but we warmed up quickly

The Thang:

Intro, disclaimer

Mosey one lap around track (mixture of high knees, butt kicks)


SSH x 15 IC
Overhead clap x 15 IC
LAC x 15 IC (one forward, second back x 15)
TTT x 15
Squat x 15 IC

Move to goal line for squat suicide ladder

Sprint to 20 – 5 IC squats, sprint back

Sprint to 40 – 10 IC squats, sprint back

Sprint to 60 – 15 IC squats, sprint back

Sprint to 80 – 20 IC squats, sprint back

Sprint to 100 – 25 IC squats, sprint back

Line up on goal line, lunge to the 20 – 4 man-makers

Lunge to the 40, 8 man-makers

Lunge to the 60, 12 man-makers

Lunge to the 80, 16 man-makers

Lunge to the 100, 20 man-makers

Sprint back to opposite goal line for Plank tabata

Jog up and down big boy stairs in a single line (hit each step) x 5

Carolina dry dock tabata

Bunny hop to the 20, 2x 14 count bodybuilders

Bunny hop to the 40, 4x 14 count bodybuilders

Bunny hop to the 60, 6x 14 count bodybuilders

Bunny hop to the 80, 8x 14 count bodybuilders

Bunny hop to the 100, 5x 14 count bodybuilders (dropped count from 10 to 5, ran out of time)

Static flutter kick

YHC brought the crowd pleaser tricks to the Snake Pit and the pax enjoyed every bit of it.  Mumble chatter was excellent, brief merlot appearance, but no one stopped and everyone encouraged each other to finish.  Great group of pax out at the Snake Pit, YHC was welcomed and hopefully will make it out again soon.


Josh Harp (FNG – Erector, Marine veteran, combat engineer did the demolition side of it)

Tate Chumley (FNG – Rocky Top, from Tennessee but a Florida Gator fan)


LRAH 2/28 5K and 10K

Convergence at Graveyard 3/7 keep the EH machine rolling

Pax training for P200 and GORUCK Heavy in March

Sign up for the Mud Run through No Show, get teams together or sign up as a free agent

F3/FiA custom GORUCK Light 5/1

Prayer Requests

Audra Ebo – battling neuroblastoma

Sebastian – battling leukemia

Continued prayer for Walker, and for Nail Pop and the rest of their family

Lego – wife having stint removed on Monday

Estrada’s mom had double mastectomy (not a vasectomy Chin Strap)


Praying for relief versus release.  Pray not just when things are going bad or when you need help, pray when blessing are coming in as well.

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