• When: 08/14/14
  • QIC: Quisenberry
  • The PAX: Ken Doll, Mayhem, Malfunction Junction, Floppy Disk, Grave Digger, Doublemint, Meatball, Higgins, Baby Daddy, The Closer, PomPom, Blindside, FDIC, Nikita, Turasi, Treadmill, TDY, Merkin, Wombat, Candystripe, Scooper, Brother Si, Quisenberry

Kamikaze IV gets better with Age!

Turning Point hosted record attendance as 23 Pax posted for Round 4 of the #Kamikaze.  Typically in the movies, the sequels don’t ever live up to the originals.  However, Kamikaze IV proved to be bigger, badder, and better than the previous rounds.  With the larger attendance, YHC took a Mud Run approach by breaking the pax into 6 groups of 4 or less.  Kamikaze V will have a lot to live up to.  Strong work by the pax as always!  Inspiring to see some many men post to #getbeter #bebetter!

Conditions: A Chilly 67 deg, 73% Humidity


Disclaimer / Prayer

Mozey from the parking lot, through the portables, down the breezeway, circle up on the Blacktop at the top of The Hill:


  • SSH x 15 IC
  • IW x 30 IC
  • TTT x 10 IC
  • Windmills x 10 IC

Mozey to the top of the hill for instructions and count of into 6 groups.


Turning Point

To begin, Group 1 starts, Group 2 starts when Group 1 finishes the first stop, and etc.

With Bricks in Hand:

  • Sprint up Hill – 15 Merkins
  • Run Down – 15 BBSU
  • Bear Crawl Up Hill – 15 Merkins
  • Jog Down Hill – 15 BBSU
  • Bunny Hop up Steps – 15 Merkins
  • Jog down hill – 15 BBSU
  • Sprint up Hill – 15 Merkins
  • Fast mozey down long Ramp – 15 BBSU
  • Mozey to Blue Jungle Gym – 15 Pullups or 15 Body weight rows
  • Mozey to Track – 12 Lunges each leg
  • Mozey back to hill, plank until the next group arrives, or the group ahead finished the 1st stop like the beginning .

Rinse and Repeat:

  • x14 without bricks,
  • x13 with bricks,




Since we were running short on time, the traditional 3 Minutes of Imperial Walkers for Walker didn’t get in before COT.  So after the COT, there was a circle of prayer for Walker and others while doing imperial Walkers.  The 3 minutes turned into 6.5 minutes as everyone in the Circle prayed!  This was on of the most meaningful periods of time that YHC has experienced in F3!  TClaps Guys.  It was Awesome!


  • Todays work surpassed the last Kamikaze.  Both had 3 rounds, but last time was 12 reps, with bricks, then 10 reps with out bricks, and 8 reps with bricks.  Inspiring work by the pax.  Definitely got better since the last time.
  • Unofficial Count – 168 Merkins, 168 BBSU (112 BBSU with Bricks)
  • 10 Pax posted for a StrideLite run before Turning Point.  It was a nice 30 minute out and back over some hills near Turning Point.  Strangely enough, the pre-workout run seemed to help with the Kamikaze.  Definitely unexpected and rewarding!
  • It was cool to see all Lexington AO represented and a couple crossed the dam.  YHC apologizes that yall missed out on the little black grass seeds.  That just means you need to visit Turning Point again when the grass is higher!


  • Walker Phillips, Nail-Pop’s Son
  • Mayhem’s Mom fell and broke her foot.  Pray for healing to avoid surgery
  • Knowzit’s father-in-law found out this week he has a brain tumor, with surgery tomorrow.
  • Rooney’s Mom, Dianne, has a Brain Tumor.  He will be out to with her in Charleston for a while.
  • Hoser and all the firefighters out west fighting forrest fires.
  • Blindside’s friend Joey and Family and the loss of his father Sunday.


  • Stride tomorrow will meet at RBHS for Stomp the Swamp Preview Run 5:30 am (Second Preview Run will be Monday at 5:45 pm)
  • Stomp the Swamp – August 23rd, Lexington Convergence at Crypt at 6:15 am.
  • 2ndF Lunch at Salsarita on 378, 11:45 am.  Mention F3 and 15% will go to benefit the Phillips Family
  • New AO Launch at White Knoll High School on Tuesday 8/19 5:30 am
  • Golf outing Sunday September 14 email Uno for more info.
  • Mud Run registration is still open – Sign up through the F3nation website
  • Go Ruck in November – Currently full, but comment on the pre-blast to get on the waiting list that will hopefully become an HC list.
  • GO-RUN in February for Gordon Ochino.

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  1. woa woa, holdup. Godfather part 2, Empire Strikes Back, Captain America: the Winter Soldier…Men in Black 2…Speed 2…Son of The Mask…umm nevermind, ok you are typically right

    1. Ha Ha… I thought Rocky IV was the best Rocky move. Back to the Future II was pretty good… not many others though.

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