• When: 08/14/14
  • QIC: Garmin
  • The PAX: Sawdust, Muggy Tape, Shotgun, JJ, Bullpen, Quest, Chinstrap, Bunny Slope, Hotspot, Buzzsaw, Lemon, Bling, Bearded Lady, Flip Flop, Knowzit, Dirtybomb, Lego, Cleetus, Scotch, Half Empty, Panty Hose, Feeny, Peachy, Fat Tire, Clinch, Garmin

Do you know the Merkin Man?

27 Pax arrived for Garmin’s VQ of Shawshank. 11 of those were present extra early for a little Stride Lite 5K. When go-time rolled around, the pax were greeted with a huge suicide run, some “half-life” exercises, and the worldwide debut of…the “muffin man” the “merkin man”.


The Thang:

jog over to a field and circle up.
YHC explains “The Merkin Man”:
everybody counts off, remember your number
throughout the workout, there will always be one man doing merkins, the “merkin man.”
starts with man #1. When this man is getting close to failure, he tags in man #2, who becomes the new merkin man.
When man #1 tags in man #2, he tells man #2 the running count, which is where man #2 picks up. (ex., man #1 does 50 merkins, tags in man #2 and tells him “50!” At this point, man #2 drops and begins his merkins, counting 51, 52, 53, etc.)

SSH x 25
Windmill x 20 (10 forward, 10 backward)
Squat x 15
Imperial Walker x 15

Line up at the sidewalk for Suicides:
Sprint to first of 8 light poles that line the field we are on.
When you get there, 20 x LBC (while lying on his back for the first set of LBCs, the soggy ground reminded YHC of a backblast he read somewhere about sprinklers at Shawshank…oh well, we got wet)
Sprint back to sidewalk
Repeat to the next light pole
Plank up after you finish the 8th one

jog over to the picnic tables for some “half-life”
2 minutes as many alternating step-ups as possible
some amount of time of dips (the dip motion caused my watch to continually set and reset)
1 minute as many alternating step-ups as possible
a seemingly smaller amount of time on the dips
30 seconds as many alternating step-ups as possible
supposedly an even smaller amount of time on dips
15 seconds of extreme step ups (a few pax were basically just jumping and taping their toes to the bench before landing)

semi-circle/blob it up:
two man standing next to each other do 10 squats
everyone else holds a low squat
when the man on the left finishes his 10, the man to his left does 10. Man on right passes to the right.
When everyone finishes this (approximately the same time the last pax got in his “merkin man” turn) we passed the merkin man around the circle in a similar manner, each man doing 10 reps while the other men continue to workout.

more half-life:
20 squats
20 more squats
10 squats
10 more squats
5 squats
5 more squats

20 flutter kicks
20 more flutter kicks
10 flutter kicks
10 more flutter kicks
5 flutter kicks
5 more flutter kicks

20 alternating lunges
20 more alternating lunges
10 alternating lunges
10 more alternating lunges
5 alternating lunges
5 more alternating lunges

When the stride lite crowd ran by the Detention Center, the pax noticed what appeared to be Kendoll’s truck in the parking lot…he must have had a bad night. Some additional support for the “Kendoll was in jail last night” theory is that he didn’t post at Shawshank this morning.

Great work by the pax. The final running merkin count was 2090! When you take into account some guys were beasts and did clap merkins, and some guys would plank a bit, then knock out more, I would say this is a good number for the debut trial run.

Be careful what you wish for…a request that the next exercise be “lay on our backs” was granted when YHC announced the flutter kicks.

I hope everyone had fun, I know I did.

The Merkin Man will return…(cue spooky music)

Goruck- they are about to make a new team out of the current wait list
Mudrun- sign-up still going on
Stomp the Swamp 8/23
Lunch at Salsarita’s tomorrow
Prayers for Nailpop’s family and Panty Hose’s wife

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