• When: 08/14/14
  • QIC: Clipboard
  • The PAX: Rash, Pot Luck, Shake & Bake, Outbreak, Netflix, FNG -Whisper , Itchy, Fast Casual, House, Spackle, Ranger, Hanging Chad, Ramblin Wreck, Shades of Gray, Double Check, Good Hands, Blimpie, Soft Tail, Weekend Special, Bulldog, Toe Ring, Harp, Forrest, No Help, Tumbler, Carrot Top, Micro Chip, Nano Chip, Cream Cheese, Magic, FNG - Sling Blade, Cup Check, PYT, Lt Dan, Clipboard

Clipboard Slays the Pax – Reaper Style

Clipboard welcomed 35 Pax including 2 FNGs (Whisper and Sling Blade) to his Graveyard VQ for what started out as a walk in the park and turned into Reaper Style slaying.  The Hide-A-Key was missing and panic set in as Clipboard was calling an audible of Cemetary Hill Burpie-Merkin suicides, but Lt Dan came to the rescue with a key. We thought this had saved the day, and some pain, but the ensuing beatdown was every bit as painful as the Cemetary Hill would have been. Awesome VQ by Clipboard as all the Pax left Graveyard beaten but better

Weather 65, Cool and Humid

The Thang:

Mosey to the Track

One lap jog for warm up

Circle Up for Mary:

Thru the Tunnel x 20 IC
Windmill x 20 IC
Imperial Walker for Walker x 20 IC

Mosey to Track for 1 Mile Timed Run

Mosey to the Staduim:

At bottom of Back Stairs 20 LBC
Up the Back Stairs 20 Merkins
Up the Tower 20 BURPIES
Down the Tower 20 Merkins
Down the Back Stairs

AMRAP until Q calls time

Mosey to FRont


Devo: Bible Verse James 1:12 Perserverance under trial lead to the crown of life.

For 1 Mile Time Results go the following webpage and find the tab for Graveyard 1 Mile Run:



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