• When: 10/14/14
  • QIC: Phonebooth
  • The PAX: Trix, Keymaster, Bogey, False Alarm, Stagecoach, Knot, Uncle Rico, Pablo, R2D2, Crash, Roommate, Mello Yello, EOB, Copper Tone, Prime Time, Magic Mike, Kumbaya, Phonebooth

I can’t feel my arms…

18 Pax rolled into the gloom for an chest/arms smoke session by YHC. Today’s workout was about Getting Better on upper body so that we can elevate our PT Test results on push-ups. YHC did tease the Pax a little with a short warm-up and low reps, fully knowing they were expecting a minimum of 40 reps IC. Truth be told, I knew the Pax would need everything they had to finish today so we didn’t spend much energy during the warm-up. Very little mumblechatter today as YHC unleashed the pain, but it was clear that the Pax were in the zone and fighting their way to the end of the workout.

Conditions: Misty, 72 Deg, and lots of pain

– Partner up, grab a cinder block per man, head to the Soccer field
– OH Arm Clap x 10 IC
– Merkin x 10 IC
– Carolina Dry Dock x 10 IC
– Jogging in place w/ High Knee intervals (2 min)

After warming up, we started the workout with the Phonebooth Special:
– 7 sets of 10 pull-ups/10 Derkins
– Plank waiting on the 6
– YHC built some new supports for the middle of the monkey bars to reinforce during pull-ups. We will keep these over at the blocks/bricks pile.

Moved back to the Soccer field for Block workout with partner, 5 sets of 50 reps for each man:
– Alternating Merkins using cinder block, keep one hand on block to do a Merkin, then switch to the other side putting your other hand on the block to do a Merkin
– Curls
– Block Press (laying on your back)
– Shoulder shrugs
– Row, bend at the waist and pull the block to your chest

Now it is time for Derkin, Werkin, Merkin starting a 1 rep, going to 15 reps and back down to 1 rep (each man):
– Do 1 Derkin, then partner
– Do 2 Werkins, then partner
– Do 3 Merkins, then partner
– Do 4 Derkins, then partner
– You get the picture. Go all the way up to 15 Merkin Reps and then go back down to 1 Derkin rep
– The intent was little to no resting. If you can’t do it, go to your knees and keep going.

Had a little time left so we went back to the blocks:
– 25 block Curls
– 25 Rows with blocks
– 25 Shrugs (ran out of time)

Put the blocks up and Mosey to the shovel flag for COT/BOM

Great work today on upper body. The intent was to make everyone hit the wall on arms and chest. By the looks of it, I am fairly certain that we all hit the wall today. I will say that it really makes me well up with pride when I see my F3 brothers pushing themselves hard. I can almost hear them thinking “I am going to finish this workout and get stronger.” Keep that “fire in the belly” to Get Better and Be Better!

Patience by Rick Warren. Sometimes God is not denying you, but he is delaying you. As is says in Corinthians, Love is patient, but if you think about the family and friends in your life, are you patient with them? God may delay things in your life to test your patience, but not for you to show him how patient you are. He tests your patience so YOU can see how patient you are. When you face troubles or challenges this week or even when your family may be fussing about something they are dealing with, remind them or yourself to be patient. Remember to ask God in prayer to turn your discouragement into Patience. God, our families, and our friends deserve our patience. They deserve it because we love them. Think about that this week. See link to the devotional below.


– Pray for our Pajanimal as he is healing up from a back injury.
– If you haven’t done it already, take some time to do some 2nd F this week at lunch on Thursdays or Happy Hour at the British Bulldog. Watch Twitter for times/locations on lunch.
– Go Ruck coming up in November. Watch Twitter for Go Ruck workouts.

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