• When: 10/29/14
  • QIC: Pebbles
  • The PAX: Meltdown, Lead Belly, Malfunction Junction, Treadmill, Freon, Take-a-Number, Candy Stripe, Quest, Uncle Rico, Pebbles

Are We Done Already?

10 PAX anxiously awaited their mid-week workday — that is until it actually started. After apologizing for only making recent appearances when Qing, YHC took to bringing the pain as recompense…



SSH 40 (the plan was to stop at 20, but when YHC noticed a couple of late arrivals, he couldn’t help but keep going until they joined in. We just hate for anyone to miss out on part of the workout. You know?)
IW 20
TTT 20
Flutter 20
Mountain Climber 20
O-head Arm Clap 20
LB Arm Circles 10 each way

Each circuit follows the same pattern. Reps begin at 5/25 then ladder by 5s to the inverse, 25/5.
Close out the circuit with 10 Around the World each way and plank while waiting on the 6.
#1: KB Swing / Merkin
#2: KB Squat / Dead Lift
#3: Flutter Kick / Russian Twist with KB
#4: Calf Raise / Curl
#5: Tri-cep Ext. (overhead while laying down) / Chest Press (one arm at a time)

5 Merkins OYO (keep good form)

Mosey back to the flag.



Moleskin: While the work wasn’t much to write out, it definitely didn’t disappoint in execution. Great work by the #Anchor pax. Particularly the FN(to-KBs)G Freon, AND all the guys who are in the middle of GoRuck training.

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