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Who Showed Up For A Grammar Lesson?

Jumbo Shrimp, Awfully Good, Near Miss, Pretty Ugly, Working Rest

What do these phrases have in common? They are all oxymorons.

Oxymoron – a rhetorical device or figure of speech in which contradictory or opposite words or concepts are combined for effect.

21 unsuspecting souls gathered in the gloom of Irmo this morning for an impromptu lesson in exactly what the words, “Working Rest,” mean. And, thanks to Izumi Tabata and Alter Boy, the pax found out the hard way. The QIC warned the pax they were due for a downPAINment this morning, and boy did he deliver. Although a good section of Seven Oaks Park was closed due to construction, the pax were still dealt a massive blow today. They did not founder, though, and answered the challenge at each and every turn.

The Thang:

Conditions: 66 degrees, 93% humidity

BOM led by Brother Si

Collect 2 bricks each

Mosey to softball field


SSH X 20
IW X 20
Lil Arm Circles X 10 F & X 10 B
Squats X 20
LBC’s X 20
Merkins X 10
Flutter Kicks X 20
Werkins X 10
Full situps X 20 OYO
Diamond Merkins X 10

Lap around softball field

Tabata Intervals:
20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest
Mtn climbers / Merkins x 6
Sit ups / Flutter kicks x 6
Sprint / Mosey x 6
Lateral brick swings / Hold bricks straight x 4
Burpees / SSH x 6
Squat / Hold x 4

Laps around field with Painstations
Mtn Climbers
Iron Cross

Jog to brickpile

Curls variation x 50
Triceps extensions x 50

Put up bricks

Jog to parking lot


BOM led by Alter Boy


  • RX’s 2.0, Derrick, was discharged from the hospital! God is good! Continue to pray for the Carter family as Derrick continues to recover and improve.


  • The Pre-Holiday Fuel Challenge has begun. Here is the pre-blast. A lot of F3Columbia is in on this challenge. It’s not too late to start.
  • 3rd F Friday at Noon at the Lizard’s Thicket on St Andrews. We will be discussing James 1 together. All are welcome. There are plenty of Fuel Challenge friendly items on the menu.
  • Don’t forget the Swagger workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Even if your running isn’t where you want it, come join the pax. All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged, particularly on Wednesday and Friday, as the courses are out and back. Walking / jogging will soon turn into running the entire workout. Swagger pulls out of the parking lot at Blockbuster Video on St. Andrews Road at 5:30am. Hope to see you there!
  • Plan to attend (and bring an EH’d friend to) the Birthday convergence on October 26th at Finlay Park. It’ll be huge. T-shirts have arrived for those who’ve ordered them so plan to gear up for the big one year anniversary event.
  • Northeast Big Bang Saturday November 2 at North Springs Park off Clemson Rd.  6:50-8:00am and a strong Columbia contingent is needed to help get these guys off on the right foot.

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